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Nautical antiques, marine antiques and aviation collectables have been part of our life long interest in collecting. We are a family business with Naval and Air Force connections....... more
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Nautical Antiques and Aviation Collectables

Welcome to Oldnautibits.com

We sell and buy nautical antiques, aeronautical and aviation collectables, naval and aviation memorabilia, maritime antiques and items of militaria from World War II and before.

Please look at our Nautical and Aeronautical pages to view representative examples from our frequently changing stock. We regularly update our News and Press Release pages to keep you informed of our recent activities.

Buying and Selling - If you would like to purchase an item, ask us to source a specific piece, or you have something relevant to sell, please Contact Us.

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We have recently added some new stock to the following categories. Click a heading to see all the new items listed on one page.

19th April 2016Aviation Headgear British
26th May 2016Aeronautical Miscellaneous
19th April 2016Aviation Books
23rd May 2016Nautical Ship's Fittings
23rd May 2016Nautical Ship's Lighting
23rd May 2016Nautical Miscellaneous
We have a range of flying jackets, flying suits and other items of aircrew clothing

Coming Soon

A Brand New Book by Mick J. Prodger
June 2015

2015 Military Aviation ReviewThe name Mick J Prodger is already well known to most if not all serious collectors of WWII period aviation memorabilia. His excellent companion volumes covering "Flight Clothing" and "Flight Equipment" of both the RAF and the Luftwaffe have now become standard reference books and most of us have well thumbed copies within our libraries. Mick's comprehensive "Vintage Flying Helmets Before the Jet Age" although published back in 1995, remains the standard reference book on the subject for both collectors and dealers alike.

An area of the market that has not up to now been well covered is an accurate indication of what kit is worth, in terms of what folks are actually paying for individual items. Several specialist and general books have attempted to do this and perhaps the most obvious is A.J. Marriott-Smith's 1989 volume entitled "Aeronautica between 1914–-1984". While a very useful little book to own, the pricing is so out of date now it is meaningless. Other general collectors guides available on the High Street just scratch the surface with regard to Aeronautica and having worked as a consultant with some of them ourselves we can confirm the prices detailed are what we as dealers believe the item is worth not the price it actually sold for! On line auction results can give a more accurate indication of prices achieved although as many of us know it is possible to 'manipulate' the final results and how many of us have seen items 'sold' only for the same lot re listed in the following weeks?

Against this background Mick Prodger has clearly spotted a gap in the market and when he approached us during 2014 with an invitation to support his new publishing venture in the form of a publication entitled '2015 Military Aviation Review' we were happy to do so . The difference with this volume compared with others currently available is that the prices detailed are actual sales prices achieved rather than an imagined figure of what we believe the item is worth. We and other collector/dealers around the world have been happy to submit photographs and a brief description of relevant items actually sold by us during 2014 and on the basis this modestly priced volume will be published annually, the prices detailed will remain valid for reference purposes. Clearly sales prices will vary, even for apparently similar items, with the final price being influenced by model, condition, size and of course supportable provenance.

Oldnautibits is now carrying stock of this book at a retail price of £15.95 plus delivery at cost (UK = £1.26, Europe = £3.70, Rest of World = £4.75). This is excellent value for money, it is in our own library now and we will be updating in future years. None of the items listed are attributable to individual dealers, so we maintain our confidentiality and that of our customers, but you may just spot an item listed that is now in your own collection; as with Mick's Luftwaffe V RAF books, if you do have an item featured this adds a little extra kudos and may even add to it's value by association with the Mick Prodger 'brand'!

Enquire about this book at Nautical & Aeronautical Books

We detail below a few words from Mick's Press release and Oldnautibits are delighted to have played a small part in helping to bring this valuable new reference resource for collectors to market.

It's Here - The First Annual Market Report for Collectors of Aviation Related Militaria and Historical Flying Kit.

Compiled and edited by Mick J. Prodger, author of "Vintage Flying Helmets and Luftwaffe vs. RAF"

144 pages with 474 colour photos featuring:

  • Flying Headgear
  • Flying Clothing
  • Uniforms
  • Life Jackets / Parachutes
  • Escape / Evasion / Survival
  • Wings / Badges / Insignia
  • Aircraft Parts / Relics
  • Aviation Ephemera

Every item described in detail and listed together with its ACTUAL 2014 sold price in $$$, £££ and €€€€€€.

Available here now at a price of £15.95 plus postage (UK = £1.26, Europe = £3.70, Rest of World = £4.75).

All sales Information sourced from internationally known reputable sellers and private collectors.

Not just a price guide based on "expert" opinions - real prices paid for genuine items!

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