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9th February 2018
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13th February 2018
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29th January 2018
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15th February 2018
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9th January 2018

Not such a Happy New Year-read on!

The weeks of planning, preparation and purchasing and suddenly it is all over for another year! Suffice to say we hope you had a good one and 'Kris Kringle' brought you exactly what you wished for and you are fed, watered and ready to face the challenges of 2018?

Here at the Oldnautibits HQ Geoff Pringle and the team are now back in the office but have been hampered by telephone line issues which currently remain outstanding but we are assured by the BT engineers 'normal services will be resumed as soon as possible'. Fortunately the interweb is still functioning but we apologise if you have been trying to contact us by phone this year.

In the Christmas news 'silly season' we were disappointed to note the recovery of the RAF Kittyhawk P 40 has failed and has now been 'restored' in Egypt in 'theme park 'colours and is on permanent display El Alamein Military Museum. The worst news however is the Mk22 Spitfire which the RAF Museum offered as trade has 'disappeared'. Kennet Aviation, who were commissioned to facilitate the recovery, have in the meantime conveniently ceased trading. Whilst Fight Sergeant Dennis Copping's 'time capsule' aircraft is clearly lost it is essential the Spitfire is located and returned to its owners. Watch this space for further news.

I conclude this blog with a further warning of more fakes being sold on UK e Bay. It seems a production line has been set up printing up RAF ensigns which are all nicely stamped with AM property marks, place of manufacture and a tasty wartime date. The problem is these are all made using printed fabric rather than laid on panels and do not carry coir rope fastenings, as genuine wartime examples. I have personally pointed out to one seller how to identify genuine wartime examples and the description has now been modified to state these are 'lightweight tropical economy printed examples'! The stamping is also far too crisp but collectors are paying big money for these forgeries. The sellers are cleverly stating 'WW II dated' not 'WW II made' so as ever in dealing with E bay listings it is very much a case of 'Caveat Emptor.' If it looks too good to be true it probably is!

Geoff Pringle
9th January 2018

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