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Luftwaffe LKpN 101 \'Netzkopfhaube\' Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe LKpN 101 'Netzkopfhaube' Flying Helmet

An example of the first pattern net flying helmet, synonymous with Luftwaffe WWII fighter pilots. This is the early pattern with provision for the two stud attachment 1069 oxygen mask. This helmet appear to have had a hard war with all electrics removed and an RAF oxygen mask clip added. We were told it was recovered from a German crash site and used subsequently by an RAF pilot. It has a manufacturer's label indicating code bxo, so was made by Deutsche Telephonwerke und Kabelindustrie Ag, Berlin. Some wear to netting but an interesting example which no doubt has a story to tell if it could only speak! Small size.