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RAF Aircraft Tail Wheel and Tyre - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Aircraft Tail Wheel and Tyre

Reputed to be ex-Spitfire but we can't find any identification codes on the hub to prove or disprove. The tyre, however, is clearly stamped with a King's Crown and AM, so definitely from a WWII period aircraft and judging by the size, would look to be from a fighter. The tyre has various other stamps on it including WJ14, Static Conducting, WT, 4908, LO204E 188 and the tyre size is detailed at 4.0-3.5. The tread area of the tyre is also stamped in yellow ink WJ14. It appears to be unused and is still inflated. Measures 10" (26cm) diameter. For sale as a collector's item or to fit on a static airframe display.