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RAF Bino Prism U-Boat Spotting Mk.IV Binoculars - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Bino Prism U-Boat Spotting Mk.IV Binoculars

A very clean set marked with stores ref. 6E/383, featuring 5 x 40 cemented prisms and were the very first wartime binoculars to use coated lenses. This design is fixed focus and intended for aerial spotting and maritime reconnaissance. The same pattern was also used by Fleet Air Arm crews. The serial number on these is 5084 which seem to date them to a WWII manufacture. The rubber face guard was designed to help the user maintain night vision. The Mk IV's were made by Ross for the RAF and first entered service in 1941. The optics are still crisp and this set benefits from being complete with it transit case. The neck strap is not original.