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RAF Message Streamer - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Message Streamer

We have occasionally managed to source examples of RFC message streamers, but this one is unusual in that it is Air Ministry marked so this one clearly dates from after the formation of the RAF in 1918. These double tail streamers were used for dropping written messages from aircrew in the days before radio communications. The streamer created drag thus reducing the speed of the message bag as it fell to the ground and the long colourful tail made location and pick up on the ground simpler. The business end is stamped with a Kings Crown, A.M. and the manufacturers number B27575/39/C.I.(C) which surprisingly seems to date it to 1939! The other unusual thing about this example is instead of containing pig iron for weighting purposes the sealed compartment appears to contain sand. On the opposite side is a press stud closing flap to enable to message to be secured within the streamer. The condition is excellent and the colours crisp and only fault is a couple of very small moth nibbles which hardly notice. Measures 56” (142 cm)