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RFC Trench Art Propeller Photo Frame - Click for the bigger picture

RFC Trench Art Propeller Photo Frame

A stunning example we believe made from the first World war. The laminated timber has a beautiful patina and the dowel construction seems to indicate it was made from an early propeller. The frame contains an original photograph of a young airman who is clearly wearing an Observers half brevet on his No1 uniform. The Observers brevet was first introduced in 1918 but fell from use during the 1920’s & 30’s but the badge was reinstated by AMO A347 in 1937. We removed the photograph in case the back was named but sadly it is blank so we have no idea who the Officer is but picture would appear to date to the latter days of WW1. The frame carries a wall hanging wire to the rear but we believe at one stage it would have had a desk mount fitted so that it could have been displayed freestanding. The frame came to us exactly as shown and the photograph is not protected behind glass but glass could be added by the new owner if so desired. Measures 13” high (33 cm) and is 9.5” at the base (25 cm)