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Heinkel HE 70 'Blitz 'Model - Click for the bigger picture

Heinkel HE 70 'Blitz 'Model

The Heinkel He 70 was a German first flew in 1932 as a mail and fast passenger aircraft which also saw use in auxiliary bomber and reconnaissance roles. The He 70 is known mainly as the direct ancestor of the Heinkel He 111 which used its distinctive oval wings and streamlined fuselage in a twin-engine configuration. It is therefore an unusual and scarce model. Unlike the other items we have just listed, this one, which is mounted on a marble base, looks to be of commercial origin. It could perhaps have been commissioned in the 1930’s as a gift for the companies potential customers. It is nicely made showing cockpit, ailerons and elevator detail and carries a twin bladed propeller. The base measures 2.5” square (6cm) and the model stands 2.5” high (6cm) and the wingspan is 5.5” (13cm).