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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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PC177 Luftwaffe Model LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe Model LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube Flying Helmet - A near text book example of the classic mesh flying helmet which has become synonymous with Luftwaffe fighter pilots in WW11. This example has a manufacturers label coded hdc indicating it was made by Luftwahrtgeratewerk Hakenfelde, Berlin-Spandau. The size stamp is not clear but it is a large example and would correspond to an RAF size 4 so possibly a 58 or 59 European size. The helmet is near perfect inside and out, featuring tan leather receiver cups and provision for the Luftwaffe three point oxygen mask. The helmet is fully wired with receivers and throat microphones and also carries the short communication cord favoured by fighter pilots. The netting is also faultless and we would say impossible to find a crisper example and fully satisfies the collectors criteria 'always buy the best you can afford'. Please note the oxygen mask and splinter goggles illustrated are for display purposes only and this sale is for the helmet alone although both items are available and are being listed separately.
6059 40th Anniversary D Day Tie signed by Major John Howard - Click for the bigger picture Sold40th Anniversary D Day Tie signed by Major John Howard - This tie, which is number 6 of a limited edition of 1, 000, was issued in 1984 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the D Day Landings and the invasion of Europe. The diagonal stripes signify the D Day invasion stripes while the burning sword is the insignia Shaef, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. What makes this example particularly special is that the label is autographed by the late Major John Howard who landed by Horsa glider at Ranville Benouville and led the capture of Pegasus Bridge, thus playing a vital part in the success of the D Day landings. The tie is in perfect condition but would benefit from mounting and framing for display purposes.
5290 617 Dambuster Squadron Gold Bullion Badge - Click for the bigger picture Sold617 Dambuster Squadron Gold Bullion Badge - This is a high quality item with a King's Crown and with Dam's logo to the centre showing a lightning bolt striking the dam with water flowing from the breach. Below this is the squadron motto “Après moi le déluge”, which translated means "After me the flood." The badge has clear stitch marks to the reverse where it has been unpicked and we are confident this is an original item rather than a modern repro. Measures 4.25" (11cm) Please checkout other 617 related items we have just listed.
5255 617 Dambusters Squadron Napkin Ring - Click for the bigger picture Sold617 Dambusters Squadron Napkin Ring - If only this could talk! We purchased locally in S.W. England and it is an original ring probably from the officers' mess at RAF Scampton. It is fun to speculate that it could possibly have been used by one of the crews on operation Chastise. The ring is engraved 617 Squadron to the front and 4 on the reverse, which we assume was the owner's ID mark. The item exhibits some wear to the chrome plate with the brass beneath showing through. No maker's marks or date but looking at the wear, it could well be from the early days of 617 which was formed on 21 March, 1943. This one is for the serious Dambusters/617 collector. Grab this piece of history while you can! Please see other Dambuster related items which we have just listed.
3493 Wing Commander Guy Gibson D.F.C. Flying Log book No2 - Click for the bigger picture SoldWing Commander Guy Gibson D.F.C. Flying Log book No2 - This exacting facsimile was copied from the original held in the Public Records Office, London and published in 1976. The print run has long since sold out, copies very rarely appear on the market and it has become a collectors' item in its own right. The detail and authenticity is amazing with the first and last pages stuck together, as in the original. On 16 May 1943 Gibson records "Led attack on Mohne and Eder Dams. Successful." On the following page he records "Awarded V.C. 23.05.43." The final entry is written on September 16 1944. Just three days later Gibson piloted a Mosquito, acting as Master Bomber, on a raid to Rheydt. He crashed on his return at Steenbergen, Holland in mysterious circumstances with recent reports indicating this may have been the result of a "friendly fire" incident with a Lancaster rear gunner mistaking the Mosquito for a JU 88. With the continued interest in 617 Squadron and with the remake of the Dam Busters film, these replicas can only appreciate so grab a copy while you can! This example has minor foxing to the cover (which actually adds to the authentic look of the log!) but otherwise in near perfect condition inside. Please also see other 617 Sqd related items we have just listed.
PC176 USAAF Polaroid Variable Density Goggles - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF Polaroid Variable Density Goggles - This set are in mint unissued condition and come complete with the original tin marked American Optical Company Contract N.X.S.S. 27918. The front of the goggles are embossed AO (for American Optical) and Polaroid. The variable density red lenses operate using the central knob. This pattern of flight goggles was designed for use by Air Gunners to aid spotting tracer in different light conditions. Rubber is in perfect condition as is the elastic back strap. It would be hard to find a crisper example.
PC173 WWII French Air Force Mechanic's Wings - Click for the bigger picture SoldWWII French Air Force Mechanic's Wings - Corresponding to the RAF Flight engineer 1936 specification. Issued to mechanics after 200 hours flying service. Gold bullion wire with engineer's motif below and set on a dark blue felt background. Minor wear but a 100% genuine period example with evidence of stitching where it has been removed from a uniform tunic. Good issued condition. Measures 4” (10.5cm)
PC172 French Airforce Gueneau & Cie Hard Shell Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldFrench Airforce Gueneau & Cie Hard Shell Flying Helmet - These are becoming very scarce and this is an excellent original example of the type. The design is reminiscent of the WW1 Roold helmet but despite its looks it remained an issue item into WW11. Features a dark brown leather covered hard shell with soft leather lined ear flaps designed to hold radio receivers. Inside the original E.Gueneau, Paris label and confirms the pattern as as ‘Casque Airele’ (Airele 11 type) and dated October 1939 so could well have swerved before the fall of France in 1940. It also has an ink acceptance stamp which we understand to be similar to the RAF AID embossing. When France was overrun escaping flyers formed Free French units with he RAF and the days of the Gueneau were over with the FF pilots being issued with RAF kit although a few of them were treasured by crew members & fitted with RAF G masks, especially in bombing squadrons (Lorraine, Tunisie, Guyenne).Our helmet is probably one of the last produced before the Vichy and postwar types 14, 15 and 18 and scarce to find in this condition. Size is marked at 58 (medium).
4773 RAF Air Ministry Marked Navigator's Parallel Rule - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Air Ministry Marked Navigator's Parallel Rule - These were issued to RAF navigators in the early part of WWII, prior to the introduction of the Douglas Combined Protractor. This example is AM marked and dated 1942 as well as Captain Fields Improved Apparatus. It is in good issued condition but with a small chip to the top left section of the rule as is often the case with a working instrument of this type. Measures 18" (45cm)
5402 Luftwaffe 1KG Incendiary Bomb (Brandbomb) Type B1E - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe 1KG Incendiary Bomb (Brandbomb) Type B1E - This example was picked up having failed to ignite after one of the many raids on Coventry in WWII. It has subsequently been defused to make a display item. This type of incendiary was dropped by the Luftwaffe in clusters and was used throughout the war. ARP's were taught to neutralise them by placing in a bucket and filling with sand. It has various stamps on the body and cap, including 306 DL 145 and has a further mark AZ8312. Body retains much original silver paint, whilst the fins show a little rust and pitting. Measures 13" (35cm)
848 P-51 Mustang Trench Art Model - Click for the bigger picture SoldP-51 Mustang Trench Art Model - This is a really stunning example. The base is made from a section of wooden propeller embossed no. 2 and inset in the top is a small steel ashtray. The model is resting on a point 303 bullet. The P-51 is finely crafted from aircraft alloy and the set has clearly been worked by skilled hands. Almost certainly dating from WWII, this is as nice an example of trench art as we are likely to find. P-51 wingspan 6" (15cm)
4113 RAF Spectacles Flying Aircrew Mk. VIII - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Spectacles Flying Aircrew Mk. VIII - This pattern was first issued in 1943 to all crew members for glare protection in flight. This example is in the original case with a broad arrow property mark with stores ref. 22C/962 indicating a small size. They are fitted with convex grey tinted lenses, steel frame and folding arms. All in excellent issued condition and becoming increasingly hard to find.
3974 617 Dambuster Squadron Associated Photograph Albums - Click for the bigger picture Sold617 Dambuster Squadron Associated Photograph Albums - We purchased these at auction here in the S.W. of England but sadly have no provenance with them. Two of the albums are titled "Dambusters 93 & 96", a third album is headed "Dambusters 96", whilst the 4th is without title. The display albums contain a quantity of colour photographs in the main taken at locations in Germany and Holland associated with the dams raid. We imagine they originally belonged to a battlefield guide or an associate and represent personal photographs taken when dams raid veterans revisited the sites of their wartime exploits. This possibly unique archive needs further research as the pictures are not named but clearly feature 617 squadron veterans who are recognisable by their distinctive ties. While the photographs are currently displayed behind plastic, they deserve to be catalogued and properly mounted in an appropriate album. A fascinating archive to the other "Few" who took part in Operation Chastise. Sadly with the passing years, we suspect most of the veterans featured are no longer with us.
852 RAF Mk. IVB Goggles Accessories Case - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Mk. IVB Goggles Accessories Case - This item is lacking contents but perfect to display with a set of IVB goggles and it should be possible to collect over time the missing contents which would have included spare lenses, Everclear demist stick and a tool for removing the flip screen. An identical case is illustrated on page 33 of Mick Prodger's excellent Luftwaffe v. RAF Flying Clothing book. The case is made from brown leather (amazing quality for wartime production) and crisply stamped with AM, King's Crown and stores ref. no. 22C/167. Measures 5" x 4" (14cm x 11cm)
4683 Auer 302 Neophan Glider Pilot's Goggles - Click for the bigger picture SoldAuer 302 Neophan Glider Pilot's Goggles - These were designed for both motorcycle and aircrew use and date from the pre-war and WWII period. The frame is nickel plated with leather face cushions and sprung elastic back strap. This pattern had the advantage of providing a wide field of view. This set is fitted with Perspex lenses which we believe to be replacements but an excellent display example of a scarce NSFK issue goggles.
2440 Trench Art Plexiglas Table Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrench Art Plexiglas Table Lamp - A most unusual, decorative and useful item. The base and stem are all made from material salvaged from aircraft canopy acrylic. The base is in octagonal form and has a King's Crown RAF sweetheart badge applied to it with a matching octagonal fitting to the top of the stem. The lamp has just been rewired with modern braided cable together with a new lamp holder. The lampshade fitted is for photographic purposes only and is not included in the sale. Height 15" (38cm)
4747 Luftwaffe Fliegerbrille Flying Goggles DR352 - Click for the bigger picture SoldLuftwaffe Fliegerbrille Flying Goggles DR352 - A near text book example in original issue box indicating manufactured by Phillipp M. Winter werk no. 1597. The goggles are fitted with clear lenses and the nose bridge is dated (19)42. The back strap is in near perfect condition and a spare set of tinted lenses in cloth pouches marked umbral 75% complete the set. The issue box shows some age wear but otherwise would be hard to improve upon.
5210 RAF Spectacles Flying Type G - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Spectacles Flying Type G - Broad Arrow marked with stores ref. no. 22G/1398 and further marked 840. This example is post war issue although very similar in design to the wartime pattern. In excellent issued condition but lacking case.
5038 Wellington Parachute Drill Air Safety Poster - Click for the bigger picture SoldWellington Parachute Drill Air Safety Poster - This is an original WWII issue safety poster marked IOU/13189 RAF Restricted and would have been used to familiarise Wellington aircrew how to correctly stow parachute packs in their aircraft. On the reverse side are further drawings illustrating bail out procedures from the various crew positions. This is the first example of this type of poster that we have had and suspect very few have survived. In excellent crisp condition with one minor tear to the right edge but this does not detract and would look wonderful framed and glazed. We will no doubt wait a long time to find another. 38" X 26" (97cm x 66cm)
5467 Skytrex Avro Lancaster 111 model 1/200 scale - Click for the bigger picture SoldSkytrex Avro Lancaster 111 model 1/200 scale - A very high quality cast metal scale model with aircraft code EM P representing Lancaster EE141 which flew with 207 squadron from RAF Langar and was delivered on 31st May, 1943. She was shot down by night fighters north of Magderburg on 16th December, 1943. Amazing detail despite the small scale. Complete with original packaging. Wing span 6" (15.5cm)
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