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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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PC123 German Olive Green Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Olive Green Flight Suit - With rank and national flags to shoulders. Right chest has badge to 251 Fliegende Abteilung with further badge of a unicorn, pen and 251. The right sleeve has a badge with a CH53 Sea Stallion heavy lift helicopter (Sikorsky S-65). Marked size Gr1 and dated 1987. In good issued condition.
PC121 German Olive Green Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Olive Green Flight Suit - With national flag and rank epaulettes. Named on left chest Altena Timo with image of a MBB Bolkow BO105 helicopter. A further BO105 helicopter badge to right arm. The suit is made by Marquardt & Schulz and is dated 1987. The suit is Gr7. In good issued condition.
PC120 German Dark Grey Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Dark Grey Flight Suit - With rank badges and national flags to shoulders and 38 fighter bomber badge to right chest and a scorpion badge to left. On the right shoulder is a further badge named Scorpions and below Frisian reaction force. The suit is manufactured by Marquardt & Schulz and is dated 1987. Size is marked Gr10. In good issued condition.
PC119 German Flight Suit 0/B5 7H/B0043/B0721 - Click for the bigger picture SoldGerman Flight Suit 0/B5 7H/B0043/B0721 - Finished to light grey fabric with national flag and rank tabs to shoulders. To right chest is a Phantom badge with RF-4E below, together with an Owl badge dated 17.09.92. Size is marked at 52 and is made in Hamburg. Good issued condition.
PC118 Coverall Flyers Summer SPO100-96-D-0302 - Click for the bigger picture SoldCoverall Flyers Summer SPO100-96-D-0302 - Fully badged with German flag and rank bars to shoulders with Nato Awacs E-3A to right chest. Further Nato Awacs badge to right arm and Nato flying squadron no. 3 to left. Size 48R and the suit is in good issued condition.
PC117 Coverall Flyers Summer Spec MILC-83141A - Click for the bigger picture SoldCoverall Flyers Summer Spec MILC-83141A - Fully badged with rank bars and German flag. Silver Lobos Phantom badge to right arm and euro-nata joint jet pilot training to left. A air training command badge is fixed to the right chest. Size is marked at 40L and the suit is in good issued condition.
PC116 Coverfall Flyers Summer Spec MIL-C-831141A - Click for the bigger picture SoldCoverfall Flyers Summer Spec MIL-C-831141A - The suit is fully badged with German flag and rank bars to shoulders and with a large name badge to left chest featuring a Tornedo fighter bomber with Feldmann below and in addition P. Kallweit. Further badge to opposite chest marked Air Training Command and further badges on either sleeve. The suit is marked 38S and is in good issued condition.
PC115 Royal Netherlands Air Force Flying Suit NSN 8415-17-053-7651 - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Netherlands Air Force Flying Suit NSN 8415-17-053-7651 - Fully badged to 322 squadron (Polly Parrot) with Dutch motto translated "Don't talk but Act". 322 operated F-16 fighters. The right arm has a Frisian flag badge. This is the largest live firing exercise in the Netherlands and is flown from Leeuwarn base. The suit is in good issued condition.
PC114 RAAF Flying Suit NSN 8415 66 144 3908 - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAAF Flying Suit NSN 8415 66 144 3908 - Fully badged, named to Mick Stone and complete with RAAF Pilot's Brevet. Rank bars attached to shoulder epaulettes together with an Australian flag. A fine woven 75 squadron is attached to the right chest. 75 were based at Tindal in the Northern Territories, being formed in WWII and served in Iraq in 2003 flying F/A Hornets. This suit is sized 105L and is dated 2005. In excellent issued condition.
PC113 USAF Flight Suit CWU-27P - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAF Flight Suit CWU-27P - The size is indicated at 44L. The suit has Major's rank badges attached to shoulders. Finished in olive green fabric. Various velcro pads but badges are now absent. Good issued condition.
PC112 USAF Flying Suit, Summer type CWU-28/P - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAF Flying Suit, Summer type CWU-28/P - Manufactured in fire resistant Indian orange and made by Kings Point Mfg. The size is marked at 38S. A woven badge is attached to the right breast with a 101 squadron seagull badge (often referred to as dumpster duck) and 102 fighter wing badge to right arm. Captain's shoulder bars are attached. In good issued condition.
PC111 USAF F-15 Eagle Nomex Tunic - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAF F-15 Eagle Nomex Tunic - An extremely rare suit embroidered to the back with USAF, F-15 Eagle together with a picture of the aircraft. These were issued to the west coast demonstration team which is also embroidered on the back of the garment. The suit is commerically made by Gibson and Barnes and is a Normex IIIA. Size is 38S. Velcro pads to chest and arm but the badges are now absent. A highly collectable suit in excellent condition.
4784 Irvin Air Chute Battle of Britain period Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldIrvin Air Chute Battle of Britain period Flying Jacket - A fine example and despite having no label the classic square collar, narrow belt loops and tan cow hide indicate this to be of IAC manufacture probably from a 1939 or 40 contract. This jacket was originally wired but the plugs and electrical connections have been carefully removed. The leather is very soft and just one small repair patch to the left sleeve. All zips are original Dot and in good working order. Inside the characteristic short pile fur is in near mint condition, collar strap and rings in place and the waist belt is perfect. This jacket has an interesting story to tell. We are advised it belonged to a pilot who crashed in Ankaran near the hospital and a few miles from the liner Rex, sunk by the RAF in Slovenia in 1944. The pilot was rescued by the partisans minutes before the Germans arrived. Sadly we don't have further details of the incident. His jacket, however, certainly survived and we very much hope he did as well. We estimate this jacket to be a size 5 and would fit chest sizes up to 42" (107cm)
4679 RAF B Type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF B Type Flying Helmet - A very fine issued example of the classic Battle of Britain helmet which was the standard pattern for all air crew from 1935 to 1941. This one is named to Warrant Officer L. E. Hart who we were advised by a rear gunner on Sunderland Flying Boats serving with 230 squadron. While the helmet never appears to have had a label fitted, it is a large size, certainly a 3 if not a 4. The leather is soft with none of the normal flaking, both receivers zips work fine and the receiver carriers are fitted as well as foam ear cushions but lacking receivers. The Bennett buckles retain their leather covers. One chrome end to the chin strap is missing and poppers are fitted for the D type oxygen mask. The lining is in good condition but showing normal service wear. B types are getting incredibly scarce and few match the condition of this example.
4480 USAAF Roughwear B-3 Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF Roughwear B-3 Flying Jacket - A classic original WWII flight jacket by perhaps the most famous contractor. This example features the classic veg tanned redskin contrast leather and the label confirms the contract no. 42-511D, dating it to 1942. The size is marked as a 40 regular. The zip is a correct specification Talon replacement. Despite the stunning look of this jacket, it has had extensive repairs and while it will make a perfect example in a collection, it is certainly not strong enough to wear. B-3's are getting increasingly hard to find in any condition.
3528 Air Ministry Amperes Test Guage - Click for the bigger picture SoldAir Ministry Amperes Test Guage - Comes complete with a broad arrow marked issue case. The instrument is made by Compton Parkinson Ltd. with patent nos. indicating 1924 and 1927. The dial is graduated from 05-25 and is AM and King's Crown marked. We believe the instrument was used to measure the flow of current through a cable. It appears in excellent condition but on offer as a collector's item only! Measures 8.5" (22cm)
4656 Air Ministry Marked Candle Sticks - Click for the bigger picture SoldAir Ministry Marked Candle Sticks - A matched pair finished in chrome on brass with turned stems in an art deco style. No maker's marks but each is embossed with an AM and crown, so we have assumed these were probably a Mess item, rather than trenchart. Measures 9.5" tall (24cm)
4790 Royal Auxiliary Air Force 609 Squadron Pewter Tankard - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Auxiliary Air Force 609 Squadron Pewter Tankard - 609 (West Riding) was formed in 1936 originally as a Bomber Squadron but in 1938 transferred to fighters and was issued with Mk. I Spitfires in 1939. 609 participated at Dunkirk and in the Battle of Britain from Middle Wallop. They destroyed 46 enemy aircraft in August 1940 and by October the squadron became the first to achieve 100 kills. In 1941 they were transferred to Biggin Hill and in 1942 to Duxford, now flying Typhoons and supported the D Day Landings. The tankard features the squadron crest, Kings Crown and moto "Tally Ho"! It also features a GR VI stamp, 43 and capacity mark. Some minor dings but a fabulous souvenir from a Battle of Britain fighter squadron. Measures 5" (12.5cm)
5057 Swift Training Rifle 9B/1508 series B - Click for the bigger picture SoldSwift Training Rifle 9B/1508 series B - This is not actually a firearm but was designed in WWII as an instructional tool to teach handling, holding, aiming and firing, without the need of amunition or range. The B series model was broadly representative of the P14 or Lee Enfield Mk. III service rifles. From 1942 these rifles were issued to the RAF and Home Guard and post war were used for rifle training by the ATC. This example is AID marked so was clearly used by the RAF. While we cannot guarantee the accuracy(!), it does appear to be in working order and comes complete with photocopy documentation issued by the manufacturer Frederick J. Minns of Oxford. A most unusual item for the specialist RAF or firearms collector. Measures 47" (119cm)
5060 Anti Aircraft Shell Head Fuse - Click for the bigger picture SoldAnti Aircraft Shell Head Fuse - We believe this item of trenchart to be from a 3.7" or 3.9" WWII AA shell which has been display mounted on a hardwood base. The fuse is clearly marked with no. 199 1V FL 10/38 and RL 12/38 537. It has further engraving of an omega sign, safe and a small broad arrow, together with a 0 to 30 scale. The various components unscrew and it makes a decorative display item. Due to international regulations, this item is restricted for sale to UK based collectors only. Measures 4.25" high excluding base (10.5cm)
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