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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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91 USAAF B3 Shearling Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF B3 Shearling Flying Jacket - WWII, lined, c.1943, single right hand pocket, waist straps, contrasting leather on upper arms. Chest size 42" (107cm). This jacket is about as good as they come - it has a particularly nice patina. It's the best example of the B3 that we've had.
1607 A-2 Flight Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldA-2 Flight Jacket - WWII Issue with completely original everything! Made by Aero Leather Clothing of Beacon NY. Marked 38R (97cm), Talon zips fitted and the distinctive red/rust knitted waist and cuff bands, associated with this manufacturer. The lining is also original, but is showing some wear. No rips or tears to the leather. A great vintage jacket in the sort of condition you dream about!
1608 USN M-422A Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSN M-422A Jacket - or maybe an early G-1? The manufacturer's label is still in place but we can not decipher it - either way, this is an early jacket in excellent condition. The lining has been professionally replaced and the badge is a modern replica; the "Vet" understandably wanted to keep his original squadron badge and name tag. Talon zip fitted and, while the jacket shows some service wear, overall it is in excellent shape. Size is marked at 40" (102cm) but seems to fit bigger. Knitted cuffs and waist band in good condition with USN stenciled behind the mouton collar. A great example of this classic Navy flight jacket.
1609 USAAF 'Chocolate' Tunic - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF 'Chocolate' Tunic - in near mint condition with original badges. This jacket features a "lazy belt" incorporated within the pattern. The lining and interior are very clean and nicely labelled to "Phila. Quarter Master Depot" complete with inspection stamp and clearly dated 20th October 1941. Four embroidered service bars to left sleeve. Chest size 36-38" (91-97 cm). This tunic would be hard to better in any collection.
1562 USAF Issue L2-B Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAF Issue L2-B Flying Jacket - dating from the 1960's. This jacket differs from the MA-1, in that it's not insulated, features epaulettes, and has a waist closing tab. This jacket was subsequently used by a British helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps, so it has had a varied service career! Manufacturer's label, squadron and name patches removed, otherwise completely original with some service wear. 40" chest (102 cm).
1596 USAAF Preserver, Pneumatic Life Vest - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF Preserver, Pneumatic Life Vest - WWII, Type B-5 – or a Mae West to everyone else! Nicely stamped with full AAF identification marks, dated July 1945 and manufactured by the Seamless Rubber Company. It is lacking the oxygen inflation bottle. Leather patches to the front have been restitched and showing signs of wear, but ideal for mannequin display.
92 Japanese Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldJapanese Flying Jacket - WWII, in beige cloth with fur lining. Chest size 42" (107cm), complete with original insignia and Japanese writing to storm flap.
1669 Summer Flying Suit - Click for the bigger picture SoldSummer Flying Suit - Australian Air Force, WWII. This is an un-issued example -, it even has the manufacturer's paper label attached to the front. The interior label reads "N91 1942 Size 2 Made in Australia". This suit is very similar in design to the early pattern RAF Sidcot, but with buttons replacing the zip closures. A near perfect example to display in your RAAF collection – or it is ready to take to the air after 62 years!
OC11 1930's Civilian Aviation Headgear - Click for the bigger picture Sold1930's Civilian Aviation Headgear - Goggles and Gosport tube have been sold.
620 1930's Civilian Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture Sold1930's Civilian Flying Helmet - with zip ear covers including fitted Gosport tubes.
444 Box containing Filter Windows - Click for the bigger picture SoldBox containing Filter Windows - Ref. 22C/1005-1008 to fit Night Simulation Goggles, some fogging to lenses.
239 RAF Sun Glasses - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Sun Glasses - WWII, Middle East Issue, Ref. 22C/1042, including original issue tin.
446 Microphone Assembly - Click for the bigger picture SoldMicrophone Assembly - RAF WWII, Type 48 10A/14381 AM marked, original stores label. Unissued.
435 Gosport Speaking Tube - Click for the bigger picture SoldGosport Speaking Tube - RAF, Ref. 6F/154 AM stamped.
1602 Cloth Skull Cap - Click for the bigger picture SoldCloth Skull Cap - in yellow cotton for use by downed airmen to aid visibility/rescue. Standard issue item with 1941 pattern Mae West. Nice AM stamping. (This is a picture of our SOLD stock item 774 - the cap that we now have for sale is almost identical)
1598 'Warren' Safety Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture Sold'Warren' Safety Flying Helmet - Patent No. 14310, named to L. Newman. These helmets were invented by Mr Warren of Hendon, near London, in the early 1900's. While they were never officially adopted by the military, they were popular with trainee pilots in the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service. There is some service wear, but overall in very good condition. A very rare early flying helmet.
1394 1930's Civilian Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture Sold1930's Civilian Flying Helmet - labelled to "S. Lewis, of Racing, Flying and Motor Clothing Fame." In excellent original condition inside and out, complete with D.H. Type Gosport tubes. Size 7.
1048 RAF 'B' Type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF 'B' Type Flying Helmet - Stores Ref. 22C/64 Size 1. This helmet is as issued, without fitted ear receiver cups - these were added by the Squadron tailor to suit individual requirements. Some service wear, but a nice original example of an unmodified 'B' Type from the early years of WWII.
1458 RAF 'B' Type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF 'B' Type Flying Helmet - Stores Ref. 22C/65 with receiver cups fitted Size 2. Nice original condition with some service wear. The back adjustment strap and flap has been field modified to provide a tighter fit. A superb example of the classic "Battle of Britain" flying helmet.
1542 RAF 'C' Type Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF 'C' Type Flying Helmet - Stores Ref. 22C/451. An early first pattern, introduced late 1941. This helmet is unusual, in that it has a black leather chin and goggle straps. Complete with external wiring loom and Type 26 microphone assembly. A very clean example.
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