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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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4985 RAF Type H Oxygen Mask - Click for the bigger picture SoldRAF Type H Oxygen Mask - First issued in early 1944 the H mask replaced the earlier G pattern and it remained in RAF service, with minor modifications, for the remainder of the 20th century. This example Stores Reference 6D/2244098 is broad arrow marked and was manufactured in March 1985 and has never been issued. When purchased it came complete in its original packaging with attached documentation that confirmed it was checked by RAF stores in November 1985 and subsequently declared ‘Serviceable’ by 16 Maintenance Unit Stafford when last checked on 6th December 1997! This example is marked ‘Small’ and is fitted with an Amplivox 13100 microphone and mint communication cord and female plug. A full elastic harness is fitted, again in unissued condition, with snaps and clips to use with RAF C, D & E pattern flying helmets as well as the later G. The harness also features the reversible ‘quick connect’ loops for use with the later metal oxygen mask hooks. If the mask is required without the elastic webbing harness please contact us for a separate price. Despite now being 32 years old this example is effectively as good as they come, both inside and out! Like all items offered on the site this is for sale as a collectable only, although subject to the correct checks we feel it is highly likely it is still in working condition but we can’t guarantee this. These masks are no longer in production so grab the opportunity now to purchase one of the last examples whilst our very limited stocks remain.
OC412 OC412 Assorted Wreck Recovered Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldOC412 Assorted Wreck Recovered Relics - A further mixed lot from our relic collection. Firstly we have an unidentified aircraft component; this is broad arrow marked and carries the reference number 27N/43. It shows some crash damage but has been conserved to display condition. This is accompanied by and RAF aircrew communication jack plug ; the Bakelite case is damaged but again it has been conserved. In addition we are offering a section of B-17 aircraft skin and a section of fuel line, both recovered from a Fortress belonging to the 398th bomb Group based at Nuthampstead. This mixed lot concludes with the end cap from a Luftwaffe incendiary bomb which is completely inert and is also conserved. An interesting mixed lot which would display well on a board at an entry level price.

6241 Item 6241 Douglas C-54/DC-4 Crash Relic Trim Wheel - Click for the bigger picture SoldItem 6241 Douglas C-54/DC-4 Crash Relic Trim Wheel - We believe we now have a positive identification as a result of input received from our good friends Boris and Chris from Switzerland. They have provided photographic evidence of similar wheel being used on the flight deck of a Douglas C-54/DC-4 so looks pretty conclusive so many thanks to them!

The wheel itself is bound with rope for better grip and the reverse has a cog to drive a chain. We have various clues to assist with a positive ID. One of the bolts is marked 'Aero Supply' which we believe to be of US origin. The wheel is stamped 510820 3 to the centre whilst on the reverse plate is scratched DOI 2417K and below WIS01. In addition it has a stamp within a circle which appears to read 'ATFI' and below 'H5' although this is not entirely clear. The diameter of the wheel is 8.5" (22 cm) and the mounting bracket (that shows signs of crash damage) is 12" (31 cm) top to bottom. Most of the original blue/grey paintwork remains in good condition.

6230 Item 6230 Bell P-39 Airacobra Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldItem 6230 Bell P-39 Airacobra Crash Relics - On offer is a substantial piece of airframe skin from a Bell P-39 which is accompanied by a further piece from the same aircraft which is described as a wing spar section. The main piece carries much of the original olive paintwork; it is heavily compressed and it is clear the aircraft impacted the ground at significant speed. Like the other items listed from this collection we have no details of the air frame but we understand these pieces were recovered from Russia. We have been unable to identify what part of the aircraft this was from although a clue might be an inspection hatch aperture. The relic measures an impressive 53" in length (135 cm) but needs to be handled with care due to sharp edges. The wing spar section is also painted in olive drab and is of more modest proportions 24"x 9" (61 cm x 23 cm).
6214 DH Mosquito Flight Control Surface - Click for the bigger picture SoldDH Mosquito Flight Control Surface - Another impressive item from our crash relic collection. This was described by the previous owner as ' a DH98 elevator relic'. We have not been able to identify if this is an aileron, rudder or elevator part but if any visitors to the site can give us a positive identification we will add it to our description. It is certainly one of the three and still has significant areas of olive drab and brown camouflage paint remaining. The reverse side, not shown in our listing picture, is missing a good proportion of the aluminium skin and shows the internal framing and the original control bar, which has been severed in the crash. The item measures about 19"x 16" (49cm x 41cm) so am impressive piece but also a good display size. It has been conserved, is stable and is ready for display in your collection! Like all items listed more detailed pictures are available on request.
6215 DH Mosquito Merlin Engine Inner Exhaust Shroud - Click for the bigger picture SoldDH Mosquito Merlin Engine Inner Exhaust Shroud - Another sizeable and identifiable relic item from the iconic 'Wooden Wonder'. This was described by the previous owner as an inner exhaust shroud but like the other relic parts from the collection we have no information on the air frame it was recovered from. The 'Mossie' was powered by either a Merlin Mk 23 or Mk 25 engines and this part would have had the exhaust stubs projecting through it with the shroud abutting the engine nacelle. It is in good relic condition with signs of crash damage and some corrosion but it has been nicely conserved to display standard and is finished in silver paint. It measures 42" in length and the aperture is 7 1/2" wide (107 cm x 19 cm).

6216 De Havilland: DH 98 Mosquito Engine Mount - Click for the bigger picture SoldDe Havilland: DH 98 Mosquito Engine Mount - Another significant crash relic described by the previous owner as 'forward section of wreck recovered engine mounting from a late mark DH Mosquito'. Like the other relics from this collection it has been restored and to a good display condition as shown in our picture.

In checking on line the mount is clearly identifiable and it still has alloy and rubber tubing and other components attached, some of which are profusely stamped. The engine mount shows some corrosion but having been conserved and restored by the previous owner it seems stable and would make an impressive display item alongside other Mosquito related artefacts. Sadly we again have no information on the airframe it originated from. It is a sizeable piece at 40" long and 16" at the wide end (102 cm x 41 cm) and it weighs 8.1 kilos without packing so please check delivery costs with us before ordering!

If Mosquito's are your thing we have another impressive lump from the same collection which we will be listing shortly!

OC410 Wooden Model of Major Glenn Miller U.S.A.A.F. - Click for the bigger picture SoldWooden Model of Major Glenn Miller U.S.A.A.F. - Major Glenn Miller was an evocative American big band musician, arranger, composer and bandleader of the swing era. He was born in 1904 at Clarinda, Iowa and he enjoyed great success back home and as well as his music he became a movie star. In 1942, at the peak of his civilian career, Miller decided to join the war effort.

Then aged 38, Miller was too old to be drafted and first volunteered for the Navy but was told that they did not need him. He then persuaded the United States Army to accept him so he could, in his own words, "be placed in charge of a modernized Army band". He became a huge success and did much to help the moral of service personnel posted overseas that he entertained but all this ended on the night of December 15, 1944. Miller was to fly from the United Kingdom to Paris on a UC-64 Norseman, USAAF serial 44-70285, which departed from RAF Twinwood Farm in Clapham, on the outskirts of Bedford. The aircraft never arrived at destination and was thought to be lost over the English Channel. No trace of any of the occupants have ever been found.

Our model is an imposing 14" tall (36cm) and came from a defunct aviation museum display. It is made from wood, is hand painted and is marked to the base 'Major Glenn Miller U.S.A.A.F' and is signed to the rear 'Jones'. We have no idea of the origins of this piece but it looks to be a one off model hand worked rather than a commercially produced kit and is certainly not a new piece. He does show some age related wear and tear but is generally in good display condition and really deserves to be back on public display in an appropriate museum. This is certainly not the sort of article that turns up on E Bay and could well be a unique piece. A one off opportunity to own an iconic image of the best known band leader of WW11.

OC409 Aircraft Port and Starboard Access Panels - Click for the bigger picture SoldAircraft Port and Starboard Access Panels - This pair are a complete mystery as we have no information as you’re their origins or the airframe they came from. Their source was from the now defunct Torbay Aviation Museum and we speculate they may have been separated from the aircraft when the museum contents were auctioned by Sotheby's back in 1988.

The panels as shown are a mirror image of each other and we speculate they were port and starboard fuselage or wing access panels. The only clue we currently have is in cleaning them before photography today we noticed and manufacturers code G5 in a flattened circle which we believe represents the Gloster company. This is followed by 401 which is repeated with an ink stamp on the inside of one panel, which we are advised is a factory inspectors stamp. In addition one panel is stamped Y46888 8 whilst the other is marked Y46889 8 which we assume to be the part number. So if any armchair or other experts can add anything to our knowledge on these we would be glad to hear from you and will update our listing accordingly.

Each panel has a silver base with white overpainting with both originally having a vertical stripe down each. Inside is finished in drab olive and riveted reinforcing struts and rubbing blocks fitted. Each measures 30" x 14" and tapering down to 9.5" (77cm x 36cm tapering down to 24cm.) We know Torbay owned Meteor T7 (WF877) and perhaps these panels came from her but we stand to be corrected!

6233 B-17 Flying Fortress Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldB-17 Flying Fortress Crash Relics - An entry level assortment of crash relics recovered from a B-17 crash site. In this instance whilst we have no details of the actual aircraft loss we do know these were recovered from a Fortress from the 398th bomb Group based at Nuthampstead Hertfordshire in WW11.

Nuthampstead was the nearest Eighth Air Force heavy bomber base to London but was first occupied from September 1943 by the 55th Fighter Group, equipped with P-38s. The 398th Bomb Group, equipped with B-17s took over the station in April 1944 and remained until June 1945 after which it was returned to the RAF in July of 1945.

These assorted relics have all been conserved and are described as 'airframe fragments, exploded oxygen tank part, a bomb splinter, cockpit Perspex and tufnol fragments, section of fuel pipe and an inner wing part'. Some of the relics show traces of original olive drab paint. Due to their small size these relics would exhibit well on a display board but we will leave that decision to the new owner. Modestly priced.

6217 DH Mosquito Aircraft Parts - Click for the bigger picture SoldDH Mosquito Aircraft Parts - Another small selection of crash recovered aircraft parts from the collection we have just bought, this time from a De Havilland Mosquito. Like the other relics we are listing we don't have the specific details of the airframe they were recovered from but have been told they relate to a late WW11 'Mossie' circa 1944-45. The largest and most impressive item to the rear centre of our picture is described as a section of elevator torque tube. Whilst for sale as a relic item it appears to be in near perfect condition and could well be utilised in you have a static build in process. It is profusely stamped with the Mosquito part number J9891 1SS8 and DH 1165 as well as HHM with 53 below enclosed in a circle.

In addition we have various other Mosquito parts including a control rod from the rudder operating system stamped J98139, again in very good conserved condition. The other assorted parts have been described by the previous owner as ' an engine component mounting bracket, a coolant flexible joint sleeve, a damaged piece of rubber brake pipe tubing and a skin section'. This however carries stamping A 93928 -1 rather than the Mosquito '98' code and we speculate this may have been recovered from another aircraft but is included with this package.

We also have some larger Mosquito crash relics we will shortly be listing, obtained from the same collection.

6221 Assorted WW11 Aircraft Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldAssorted WW11 Aircraft Crash Relics - On offer is a mixed lot which forms a part of the small relic collection that we have just taken in. Firstly top left in our picture are a pair of piston rings from a Pratt & Whitney R2800 radial engine recover from a P-47 Thunderbolt; these are 6" in diameter (15cm). Below them is a cast air frame section recovered from a JU 88 crash site. Shown on the bottom left are several pieces of wreckage, including a section of the rudder from a Halifax B Mk7 that crashed in 1944; these show some of the original black paint. Finally to the right of the picture is a section of Bristol Beaufighter skin together with a reflector gun sight locking ring, which were both recovered from the same dig. The skin section again carries much of its original green paint. All these items have been nicely conserved and are ready for display. Sadly the actual details of the individual crash sites has not been recorded but an interesting lot nonetheless.
6220 Avro Lancaster Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldAvro Lancaster Crash Relics - Another small but interesting collection of crash relics from an un named Lancaster dig crash site. The centrepiece is clearly P4A master compass. Whilst clearly in relic condition it has been nicely conserved and remains a great display item. The glass and compass card are long gone but the bezel, engraved with the points of the compass, still rotates and the instrument is marked with the 'Type 4A and numbered 1866T. Much of the original slate grey paint is intact and the sprung suspension is still functioning. This is accompanied by a polished brass Lancaster fuel gauge bezel and the set is completed with an inert cartridge case.

6225 Hawker Hurricane Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldHawker Hurricane Crash Relics - A rather interesting selection of clearly identifiable crash recovered Hurricane aircraft parts although sadly the details of the wreck from which they were salvaged has not been recorded. Perhaps most impressive is the Rolls Royce Merlin engine compressor type A.V.A.M. which was used on both the Spitfire and Hurricanes to facilitate the use of the flaps and also for cocking the machine guns mounted in each wing. It is profusely stamped with various numbers as well as an A.I.D mark. Despite being in semi relic condition it has been nicely conserved and is very stable. The large rectangular item is a section recovered from the aircrafts TR9D radio transmitter/ receiver. We can only speculate the last messages that were transmitted through it but we hope the pilot was able to bail out before the aircraft crashed. This piece measures 12" x 8"x 4.5" (30cm x 20 cm 12 cm) This, like all the pieces in this collection, has been professionally conserved. We also offer a section of alloy tubing, which would have formed part of the Hurricane's airframe and the group is completed by what we believe a part of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine block stud. In summary an identifiable grouping relating to one of the iconic fighters of the Battle and Britain and WW 11, which would benefit from being display mounted.

6232 P-39 Airacobra Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture SoldP-39 Airacobra Crash Relics - On offer is another grouping of crash relics, this time from a P-39 Airocabra. Sadly we don't know the actual aircraft these came from but the previous owner advised the relics were recovered from a crash site in Russia. The Bell P-39 Airacobra was introduced into service in 1941 one of the principal American fighter aircraft in service when the United States entered the war. The P-39 was used extensively by the Soviet Air Force who took around a third of aircraft produced with 4,719 being delivered to the Soviet Union of the N & Q variants.

The relics in this grouping have been nicely conserved and carry much of the original olive drab, brown and grey paintwork. Several of the pieces are stamped or stencilled with serial numbers. In addition two sections of alloy also carry distinctive blue and white square I/D marks located beside clear cut outs on both sides of the skin. One piece was clearly a cable duct sheathing with the remains of the severed cable inside whilst another is finished in camouflaged paint and shows clear signs of original flak damage. This grouping, like others we are currently listing, would benefit from being mounted on a display board but we will leave that decision to the new custodian. The largest panel in the group measures 21" x 6" (54cm x 15cm) so overall an excellent size for display purposes.

6219 Spitfire ML417 Underside Panel - Click for the bigger picture SoldSpitfire ML417 Underside Panel - This item is from a small collection of aircraft relics we have just got in and are currently listing and includes airframe parts from a Hurricane, Mosquito, Airacobra, and Beaufighter. Sadly most do not have the details of the actual airframes or crash site they were recovered from but this piece is an exception.

It is labelled with a ticket indicating the panel was removed from the underside of a Mk1X Spitfire ML 417 and a quick search online indicates it was delivered to 443 squadron of the RCAF in spring of 1944 and is credited with destroying two BF109s', an FW190 damaged and a further 109 probably destroyed. She survived the war and in 1949 was rebuilt as a MK Tr9 and served with the Indian Air force. In 1972 she returned to the UK and was converted back to a Mk1X at Duxford, returning to the sky in 1984 and seems likely this damaged panel was removed at this time. She was last reported being operated by 'Planes of Fame' in the US.

The panel measures 15 3/4" x 12 1/2" (40 cm x 32 cm) and is finished in matt grey and clear indication of stress damage which would seem to be the reason for its removal and replacement. We are unable to ascertain where this panel was mounted on the air frame but we have no reason to doubt the story supplied with the piece. A good display size for a collection and a genuine Spitfire panel at an entry level price!

3482 AAF B-15 Flying Jacket - Click for the bigger picture SoldAAF B-15 Flying Jacket - The B-15 jacket was first introduced in late 1944 to replace the B-10 and remained in service until replaced by the B-15A.The arrival of the jet age in military aviation prompted the need for a new, more modern flight jacket. The B-15 was the lightweight USAF replacement for the previously bulky, leather flight jackets of the WWII era and was the precursor to the MA-1. The B-15 was the first of the USAF synthetic flight jackets. They were an instant success with aviators, as they were far less bulk and considerably more comfortable in the cramped cockpits of the emerging jet fighters. The design of the B-15 introduced many new features including, a pen pocket on the arm, diagonal slash pockets, and with the derivative B-15A a place to clip the oxygen mask when not in use.

This jacket came from a serious UK collector and although we have no way of authenticating the provenance we were told it was purchased from the family of a US Liberator crew member but that is as much as we have got. The fabric shell is in generally good issued condition with just the odd minor snag and light stains. An 8th AF cloth patch is sewn to the left shoulder whilst their in no evidence of a name tag ever being fitted. The classic dark brown mouton collar is in great shape and no sign of moth damage and the fur lined collar strap is still in place. The lining is the classic Alpaca-wool mix and again is in great condition with just minor wear in the shoulder area. The cuffs and waistband appears original to the jacket. The waist knit has some very minor moth nips whilst the cuffs show normal wear and signs of period stitch repairs. The original Conmar brand zip is fitted and runs freely. All the slash pocket snaps are in place and working and is fitted with two interior pockets. No size is marked but we would estimate this jacket is about a 40” chest (102cm) but like all B-15’s is cut short in the waist.

This jacket has clearly only had light use in service and is strong enough for further wear today but would also display very well in an appropriate collection. Like all current stock more detailed pictures are here and available on request.

5383 USAAF Gunners Belt type A-3 - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF Gunners Belt type A-3 - .Made by Irving Air Chute Company and comes complete in its original issue box which is fully stamped up and the box shows a manufacturing date of March 6 1943 but is further dated dated 2-1-44 which is also stamped on the belt fabric. Inside other than minor rust to meal parts the belt is in near mint condition and even carries an inspection label saying ‘serviceable when checked 25 April 1944’! These belts were fixed to the aircraft, normally in waist gunners position, to prevent air gunners being blown out of aircraft. The belt is made from cotton webbing reinforced with nylon thread and the metal parts are nonmagnetic heat treated steel. The belt was designed to be used by the gunner in a standing position and forms a loop running through the parachute harness and around a mounting point attached to the floor of the aircraft in front of the gunner. The British part number for this item is 106F/5. Extended the belt measures 66” (168 cm).

1486 HS-18 Headset Receivers - Click for the bigger picture SoldHS-18 Headset Receivers - A good set of the standard AAF receivers, often seen used in conjunction with the 50 Mission Crusher cap and dating from WW11. The receivers are marked R-14 Made by Murdock MFG Co, for Signal Corps US Army. They also carry and ink stamp SC 380. The aluminium framed headband is embossed HB-7. The tan leather headband is also in good shape as are the rubber ear covers that are marked MC-162-A. The only issue with this set is the communication cord and jack plug has been cut off so this set could provide a source of donor parts to upgrade your own set or alternatively would provide an entry level set that still displays well despite the missing communication cord.
4042 USAAF A-11A Intermediate Flight Trousers - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSAAF A-11A Intermediate Flight Trousers - A very crisp set manufactured by Ben Greenholtz & Co with a 1945 contract date. The waist size is marked at 34”. The fabric is all in really good condition and the trousers feature a very crisp Army Air Force decal to the top of the left leg. The pocket section below this, as well as a panel in the rear, is finished in a deeper olive shade than the rest of the garment and this looks like a period a field repair. The set also features a very small patch repair to the back rear panel but clearly these have all been professionally done and actually add to the interest of the garment. All the various zips and snaps are in good shape and functioning and the original leather and fabric braces are still fitted. The A-11 A represented and updated version of the A-11 and first entered service on November 4th 1944 and remained in service until June 4th 1945 when the A-11B variant was introduced which in turn remained an issue items with the AAF and USAF for many years to come. This set certainly tick all the boxes and despite clearly having been issued are in exceptional condition.
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