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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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3333 HMS Ark Royal Plaque and Key - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Ark Royal Plaque and Key - A pair of souvenirs from the aircraft carrier comprising firstly, a brass plaque measuring 3.5" x 2.75" (9cm x 7 cm) removed from a DC starter, clearly embossed HMS Ark Royal and dated May 1969. The second item is a key with an unusual attached plaque indicating it fitted the lock in the Inflammable Store (I)5F. The key measures 6.25" (16cm). The Ark weighed 36, 800 tons, was launched in 1950 and was broken up in 1980 after a distinguished career. No doubt these souvenirs were acquired at that time perhaps by a crew member. Original Ark Royal items do not stay with us long, so grab them while you can.
PC47 USS John F. Kennedy Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSS John F. Kennedy Plaque - Mounted on a pine shield and engraved below "Presented to Commodore J.P.L. Van Dyke and party." The plaque itself is a most attractive example and is cast from brass with a rope border, complete with the ship's number CVA-67. The John F. Kennedy was the last conventionally powered aircraft carrier built by the U.S. Navy. She was launched in 1967, carried 78 aircraft and the ship's company numbered 3117. We understand as of March 2007 she is headed for Mayport, Florida to be decomissioned and layed up at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Grab this little bit of USN history while you can! Plaque diameter 8" (20cm), shield width 11" (28cm)
2204 Kreigsmarine Spannungsmesser by Hartmann & Braun AG - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Spannungsmesser by Hartmann & Braun AG - Manufactured in 1942, this electrical voltage meter comes complete in its original fitted box which is marked with the H&B logo and S.V.K. 9361. It is in excellent original condition and embossed with the same number, the KM eagle and swastika and the code Zb. While it is being sold as a collector's item, it does appear to be in working order and is complete with the original testing cables. Included is a test certificate issued by the company in Frankfurt/Main and dated 9.3.42.
2925 HMS Savage Oil Tank Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Savage Oil Tank Plaque - An original brass plaque removed from the engine room of HMS Savage. She was a Destroyer, 1710 tons, built in 1942 and broken up in 1962. The plaque shows the full capacity of the number two diesel oil tank to be 3, 517 gallons or 13.22 tons and gives numerous dip stick measurements to check the fuel remaining. Stamped with the ship's name, 1942 and G20. We are only glad we don't have to pay to fill her up! Measures 12" (31cm)
2771 Kreigsmarine WWII Peildiopter - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine WWII Peildiopter - A rare example, complete with the original fitted deck box and sighting rods to lid. These instruments were used for taking bearings on targets in conjunction with a compass. Built to typical high Germanic standards in solid brass with original Kreigsmarine paint, it carries a data plate marked Gerat No. 617-14, Werk No. 1802, Anforderz pv14. It also has a fine Kreigsmarine issue plaque with eagle swastika and number 3604. Complete with prism, mirror and filters. Box measurements 9" x 5.5" x 5.5" (23cm x 14cm x 14cm)
2578 Kreigsmarine Hygrometer/Thermometer - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Hygrometer/Thermometer - Used on U-Boats in WWII to test the salinity of sea water. Glass instrument with a thermometer and weighted base. The thermometer card is marked Grade Des Hundertteiligen thermometers. The exterior of the glass is faintly marked with a Kreigsmarine eagle with M below and is complete in the original card case. In near mint condition, one wonders how many of these delicate instruments have survived. Measures 13" (33cm)
2410 SS Otranto Presentation Cup - Click for the bigger picture SoldSS Otranto Presentation Cup - The SS Otranto was built by Vickers in 1925, weighed 20, 000 tons and carried 1686 passengers. She was subsequently used as a troop ship and survived WWII. This cup carries the ship's crest in relief and below a presentation engraving dated April 11th, 1927. It is named to Lieut. F. J. Boswell RN, who was the winner of the ship's sports on that date with no less than four firsts and one second! The cup appears to be EPNS and is in very good condition. Measures 4.5" (11cm)
2232 Shipwright's Scribe - Click for the bigger picture SoldShipwright's Scribe - This instrument is made from hardwood and we believe it would have been used in a shipyard to assist with marking timber during the boat building process. Unusually, it is embossed with a King's Crown and a George VI cypher. In addition, it has been stamped with the names of 37 people on each of the four sides of the instrument. We can only speculate, but perhaps this was done by shipwright colleagues who presented the instrument as a leaving memento to a retiring worker. Central stem 8" (20cm)
3294 RMSP Copper Jug - Click for the bigger picture SoldRMSP Copper Jug - An original copper jug engraved to the front RMSP (Royal Mail Steam Packet Company) and possibly used on one of the ships of this line for water in a cabin. The base is stamped Best NE and the letter B. It is in extremely good condition and is a very decorative item from this famous line. It is also an excellent size to display at 8.5" (22cm)
OC214 HMS Benbow Trench Art - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Benbow Trench Art - A solid brass tray, probably fashioned from a shell casing with ornate scalloped edges and a fine engraved image of a part women/part bird with the legend HMS Benbow 1924. Benbow was a 25, 000 Battle Ship built for the Royal Navy in 1913 and she served throughout WW1 including the battle of Jutland where she escaped any damage. She was paid off and broken up in 1931. This item was no doubt crafted by a crew member in 1924 when she was serving in the Mediterranean as a unique gift for his wife, girlfriend or family member. Measures 5.5" (34cm)
2399 WRNS Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldWRNS Plaque - A painted shield featuring the Women's Royal Navy Service fouled anchor, crown and surmounted by a wren, mounted on hardwood oak. We do not know the date of manufacture, but could well be from WWII. Measures 6" (15cm)
2807 Waffen WWII Pressure Gauge - Click for the bigger picture SoldWaffen WWII Pressure Gauge - This example was brought back from WWII as a souvenir. The dial is stamped HFSC and dated 1942 and carries a scale from 0 to 160 Kg/Cm. The brass threaded connector is clearly stamped with an eagle and swastika and below WaA300. We have no other information with this item, but it would appear to be a wartime pressure gauge of some description. Original paint showing some wear. Measures 5" (13cm)
2402 Bofors Gun Speaking Tube & Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldBofors Gun Speaking Tube & Plaque - A most unusual grouping comprising firstly, a copper and brass speaking tube with a section of the original communication pipe. This carries a plaque reading Bofors Guns and Wheelhouse. This is accompanied by a heavy brass plaque which we imagine was fixed to the Bofors Gun and is marked Branch Breaker EWI-13. Both items are in extremely good condition, but sadly we do not know what ship they came from. Speaking tube measures 19.5" (50cm), and the plaque 6" (15cm)
PC43 Ship's Electric Gimbal Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Electric Gimbal Lamp - Constructed in solid brass and could be used on a table or it has the facility to be wall mounted. This pattern was used on Royal Navy ships in WW1 & WWII. A similar design was also used on White Star vessels an example has recently been recovered from the wreck of the Titanic. An extremely attractive and heavily constructed lamp which has been recently rewired. Height 11" (28cm)
PC42 Ship's Electric Gimbal Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Electric Gimbal Lamp - A solid brass example with an attractive weighted gimbal and marked AP9009. This lamp could be used on a table or mounted on a bulkhead or wall in a horizontal position. While not dated this pattern was in service with the Royal Navy in WW11. The lamp has been recently rewired and is complete with a 13 amp plug. This example would date to the early 20th century. Height 13.5" (34cm)
PC41 Ship's Gimbal Electric Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Gimbal Electric Lamp - An original example which was probably used in the cabin of a passenger liner with ornate fluted stem. It can be mounted in the vertical position on a desk or table or could have been fixed to a bulkhead in the horizontal position. The lamp is manufactured from brass with a chrome finish and while showing some wear, this adds to the vintage character of the lamp. It has been recently rewired with period replica wiring. Height 13" (32cm)
2696 Ship's Navigation Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Navigation Lamp - A high quality example from the port side in exceptionally good condition. The lamp is complete with the original Sherwood burner, reflector and red filter glass. This lamp is one of the few we have seen which has not been converted to electricity and has not been drilled or bodged. The diopic lens has a couple of small chips, but overall in very good condition. The lamp carries a heavy brass plaque which dates it to 22.05.1969 and while the manufacturer is not mentioned, it looks as if it could be made by Harvie. Height, excluding handle 15" (38 cm).
3206 HMT Milford Princess Screen Badge - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMT Milford Princess Screen Badge - A painted wooden badge with heavy brass backing plate in diamond form surmounted by a gold crown. The coat of arms is hand painted and while showing some age wear, it is in generally good condition. Milford Princess was built as a trawler and pre war there were over 100 vessels in the Milford Haven fleet. In December 1939 the number had halved, with the most efficient being conscripted into the Royal Naval Patrol Service. Milford Princess registered port no. M228 carried pennant FY616, indicating she was assigned to minesweeping duties. She served from September 1939 to September 1945, after which time she was returned to her owners. This badge could well have been made up on board and would probably have been mounted on the front of the bridge. Good original condition with some service wear. 17" (43 cm)
3187 Brass & Copper Drip Tray - Click for the bigger picture SoldBrass & Copper Drip Tray - Originally this would have been attached to the port frame of a ship's scuttle (porthole)and was designed to catch condensation which formed on the inside glass. In good original condition. These items are often misidentified as spill holders or holy water trays! 7" (17 cm)
3191 Brass Loud Haler - Click for the bigger picture SoldBrass Loud Haler - Used for ship to ship and ship to shore communications. Also popular with rowing coaches for barking instructions to their crews at Henley Royal Regatta! Very good condition..and has benefitted from a good polish since taking the stock picture. Good working order! 15" (38 cm)
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