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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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3197 Presentation Bowl named to SS Hobson's Bay - Click for the bigger picture SoldPresentation Bowl named to SS Hobson's Bay - A turned hardwood bowl with brass shield to centre engraved "To Mr & Mrs Hollyoak from his shipmates SS Hobson's Bay 24.8.35". Hobson's Bay was launched in 1921 at 13, 840 tons for the Australia and Commonwealth Line and plied the UK-Australia route. In 1928 she was purchased by the White Star Line, while in 1933 was transferred to the Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line. 1936 saw her renamed SS Esperance Bay and in 1939 she was requisitioned by the Admiralty and served as HMS Esperance Bay, an armed merchant cruiser pennant FY67. In 1941 she was converted to a troop ship. Post war she was returned to her owners, renamed Arawa and was scrapped in 1955. We assume the bowl was given to Mr & Mrs Hollyoak by fellow crew members as a gift, perhaps on leaving the ship or possibly a wedding present. Generally good condition. 10" (26 cm) diameter.
3185 Muzzle Loading Long Gun - Click for the bigger picture SoldMuzzle Loading Long Gun - A detailed and beautifully made model of a ship's or coastal defence cannon crafted from steel and brass. Looks to be of the type used in the 19th century. Mounted on a wheel carriage and displayed on a hardwood base. No licence required. Barrel length 7.5" (19 cm)
3200 Pair of Enamel Boat Badges - Click for the bigger picture SoldPair of Enamel Boat Badges - Both badges were found by a diver in the River Thames. One is named to the vessel Madge, dated 1930 and issued by Thames Conservancy, and licensed use on a stretch of water from Sonning to Boveney (nr. Windsor). We are told the Madge was a Thames Steamer and served with the Upper Thames Patrol (aquatic version of the Home Guard!) This badge is accompanied by another found in the same area. This is also issued by the Thames Conservancy and while somewhat faded, is marked 62/342 and available until 31st December, 1914. Some chipping to the enamel with some restoration. 4" (10.5 cm)
3198 SS Orcades Pewter Tankard - Click for the bigger picture SoldSS Orcades Pewter Tankard - The ship's name has been engraved to the front. Three Orient Line vessels have carried this name. This item is likely to be from the last built by Vickers Armstrong and launched in 1947 and which replaced her predecessor sunk in WWII. In 1966 she came under the ownership of P&O and was taken out of service in 1972 to be broken up in Taiwan in 1973. The tankard is in good original condition and is stamped English pewter made in Sheffield to the base. 4" (10 cm).
3189 USS Bashaw Submarine Badge - Click for the bigger picture SoldUSS Bashaw Submarine Badge - Cast in solid brass on an oak shield mount. The plaque features a cat fish emblem and below Faciemus Milites. Bashaw was a Gato Class submarine built by Eectric Boat company Groton and commissioned 25th October, 1943. She completed 6 war patrols in the Far East and is recorded sinking 3 Japanese vessels, totalling 19, 269 tons. Bashaw had various post war refits and was designated AGSS-241 in September 1962 and was finally decommissioned and struck from the naval register on 13th September, 1969. She was sunk as a target in July 1972 after a distinguished career spanning 20 years. Generally good condition. Badge measures 5.75" (13 cm).
3203 Royal Navy Cigarette Case - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Cigarette Case - An early 20th century hallmarked silver cigarette case with Royal Navy connections. The front carries a family coat of arms and initials below. These show some wear and while the initals are not entirely clear, they may be CFH. The reverse is engraved with 20 Royal Navy ships' names and beside each a corresponding date, which appears to indicate the time served on each vessel. The first entry is for HMS Britannia from January 1905 and the final posting is for HMS Vernon in November 1921. Throughout WWI he served on HMS Blenheim (Feb 1914-August 1918). Some of the early engravings are a little worn, but it is possible to decipher HMS Isis, Eclipse, Africa, Greenwich, Excellent, Stranner, Monarch, Irresistible, Erin, Caledon, Curacoa. The case is hallmarked Birmingham 1907 with maker's mark A&JZ. It measures 3.5" x 3" (9 cm x 8 cm). Generally good condition with minor service wear.
3205 Yacht Tiller - Click for the bigger picture SoldYacht Tiller - Manufactured in oak with square form carved head and attractive original rope knop. Sadly, we have no information on the craft it came from, but the style indicates it could date from the 1930's. Finished in original varnish and showing some age wear. Nice patina and a very decorative display item, or could go back to sea on a classic yacht! Size 41" (106 cm).
1987 H.M.S. Dainty Speaking Tube - Click for the bigger picture SoldH.M.S. Dainty Speaking Tube - Original speaking tube mouthpiece in aluminium and brass with plaque named to Captain of Turret. On the heavy brass bolt is engraved H.M.S. Dainty and the date in roman numerals MCDLXXI. H.M.S. Dainty was a Destoyer, 2610 tons and measured 290 feet long. She was built in 1950 and carried 6 4.5" guns and we assume this speaking tube was removed from one of the turrets when she was broken up in 1971. Measures 8" (21 cm.)
2378 Ale House Tankard - Click for the bigger picture SoldAle House Tankard - Original tankard finely engraved to the front "Ye Olde Boat Inne Alcester." Manufactured in brass, the tankard would have been used in a public house and the engraving would effectively be an early form of property mark to ensure the tankard remained on the premises! It features a hinged lid and the tankard shows minor service wear as you would expect, but overall has great patina and probably dates from the late 19th century.
2869 Genuine Ship's Porthole - Click for the bigger picture SoldGenuine Ship's Porthole - Made from solid brass with opening port which has been converted to form a unique maritime mirror. The original armoured glass is in place behind the mirror and unlike most examples we see, this is the genuine item and perfect for your nautical theme bathroom or maritime collection. Diameter 12" (30 cm.)
1176 Huddart Parker Line Dish - Click for the bigger picture SoldHuddart Parker Line Dish - Manufactured by Walker & Hall, Sheffield and stamped to base warranted hard and silver soldered. To the rim is a finely embossed crest to the Huddart Parker Line. Good solid build quality with minor service wear. Measures 9" (23 cm.)
2664 H.M.S. Speedy Trench Art - Click for the bigger picture SoldH.M.S. Speedy Trench Art - A superb example, made from shell cases in the form of a fireside coal scuttle. The body is made from a 1915 dated shell casing stamped Berndorf, while the base is a smaller casing dated August 1917. An ornate plaque is attached to the top, named to H.M.S. Speedy and dated 1921. Speedy was a 'S' Class Destroyer, 1087 tons, built by Thornycroft in 1918, but was sunk 24.9.1922 following a collision with a tug on the Sea of Marmara. Much larger than normal Trench Art which we see, with the scuttle section measuring 8" x 6.5" (20 cm. x 16 cm.)
1390 H.M.S Furious Presentation Vase - Click for the bigger picture SoldH.M.S Furious Presentation Vase - Small single stem vase in white metal with Royal Naval enamel crest to the front named to H.M.S. Furious. She was completed in 1918 as an Aircraft Carrier, 19, 100 tons with a length of 750 feet. She served throughout WWII and was broken up in 1948. The vase measures 3.75" (9 cm.). While small, it is beautifully formed and a nice souvenir from the age of "flat tops".
2423 Trench Art Ashtray named to Sea Swallow - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrench Art Ashtray named to Sea Swallow - Made from brass, copper and white metal, this is a most attractive example and it features a marine motif to the ashtray section and the ship's name below. We have so far not researched the Sea Swallow, but suspect she was probably a WWII vintage Merchant Navy vessel.
2725 H.M.T.B. 27 Presentation Item - Click for the bigger picture SoldH.M.T.B. 27 Presentation Item - An attractive EPNS preserve set complete with two glass dishes. To the front of the base is finely engraved HMTB 27, presented to Mr. & Mrs. Enever from Mess Mates, November 1917. While we have no direct provenance, we can only assume Mr. Enever was a crew member of Torpedo Boat 27 in WWI and this was perhaps presented by his crew mates on the occasion of his wedding? The base is stamped EPNS, a maker's mark and the number 5778. The chrome finish shows minor age wear, but overall in extremely nice condition. Torpedo Boat 27 was 127 feet long, weighed 60 tons and built by Thornycroft in 1880. She was sold out of service 2.10.19.
2657 Bronze Propeller Blade Paper Weight - Click for the bigger picture SoldBronze Propeller Blade Paper Weight - Made in the form of a single marine propeller blade. Embossed on the base the name J. Stone & Company, Deptford, London, who were manufacturers of ships' propellers and no doubt this example would have been presented to an existing or potential customer. It is extremely tactile, yet a functional item and would be at home in any nautical collection. It measures 6" (15 cm).
1346 HMS Striker Souvenir Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Striker Souvenir Pennant - A green felt example with an image of Striker's ship's badge and yellow lettering. Three vessels have carried the Striker name in the Royal Navy, but we have had it confirmed from Michael Harley in Australia this comes from the escort carrier 11, 420 tons, launched in 1942 on the Lend/ Lease Programme and returned to the USN in 1946. He tells us he lunched aboard with his Mother when she visited Sydney harbour around 1945 and he was presnted with an identical pennant from his uncle who was a memember of her crew! Generally good condition, but minor moth nibbles. It measures 18" (46 cm.)
1345 Royal Navy Souvenir Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Souvenir Pennant - Manufactured in blue felt and embossed with a large war ship, together with a Royal Naval white ensign and issued to commemorate the visit of the Royal Pacific Fleet to Australia. The item is not dated, but judging by the unnamed war ship, would appear to be from the 1940's. Generally in excellent original condition, with a couple of very minor moth nibbles. It measures 26" (66 cm.)
2348 HMS Victory Dominoes Set - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Victory Dominoes Set - A unique set of dominoes made by a Portsmouth dockyard worker, utilising scrap oak taken from timbers removed from HMS Victory during repairs and restoration in about 1910. The dominoes were used by the workers in their staff canteen during the lunch break. A pine box, in which they are contained, has hand written on the side No. 3 Shed, together with some original scores. A truly one off momento with an association to the most famous war ship in the Royal Navy.
2200 Ship's Red Ensign and Flag Pole - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Red Ensign and Flag Pole - A genuine "red duster" fitted on original hardwood flag pole. The flag is in flown condition, but makes a great display item or would much like to go back to sea! Flag measurements 29" x 15" (74 cm x 38 cm).
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