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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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981 Caulking Iron - Click for the bigger picture SoldCaulking Iron - Used in conjunction with a caulking mallet for pushing rope fibre into the seams between deck and hull planking. The seams were then treated with tar to form a (fairly) watertight seal. 17cm.
2323 Marine Caulking Mallet - Click for the bigger picture SoldMarine Caulking Mallet - This example appears to have never been used and is as crisp as when it was made. Constructed in hardwood with metal bands. These mallets were used to hammer oakum into the seams of wooden ships to make the hulls watertight. 41cm.
2351 Royal Navy Torpedo Rudder Adjusting Tool - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Torpedo Rudder Adjusting Tool - A brass gauge slide in original fitted deck box for adjusting the horizontal rudders on various different types of RN and FAA torpedoes. Broad arrow marked and stamped 4/45 and 12/64. Excellent original condition.
2322 Trinity House Cutlery Set - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrinity House Cutlery Set - Comprising a knife, fork and spoon in stainless steel. All stamped on the handles with the Trinity House identifying marks (T.H.). These came from a marine sale and were apparently used in a lighthouse. Ideal for eating the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch!
2352 Lifeboat Binnacle in Brass - Click for the bigger picture SoldLifeboat Binnacle in Brass - Complete with fitted Sestrel compass, mounted in gimbals and numbered 4108. The instrument is complete with removable light box which still has the original oil lamp burner. It is mounted on a wooden display base and probably dates from the 1950's. In excellent original condition. 22cm high excluding handle.
2324 No. 2 Submarine Development Group Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldNo. 2 Submarine Development Group Plaque - Cast in brass depicting what appears to be an Aladdin's Lamp pierced by a torpedo and a lightning bolt. Below is written "Science Technology Tactics". No. 2 Submarine Development Group was established by the USN in January 1949 for the sole purpose of solving the task of using submarines to detect and destroy enemy submarines. Overall in very good condition and heavy! 19cm diameter.
2241 Sea Captain Model - Click for the bigger picture SoldSea Captain Model - Depicting a merchant marine captain in uniform with visor cap standing before the ship's compass. It is finished in chrome on a metal base. No maker's marks but a quality original item - ideal for the captain in your life!
2242 Holland - America Line Paper Weight - Click for the bigger picture SoldHolland - America Line Paper Weight - Issued to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Holland-America Line 1873 to 1948. Features a deco style marine picture showing the vessel "Nieuw Amersterdam" flying house flags. The picture which is cast in metal is picked out with original paint (minor scratching), mounted on a bevelled glass base (minor chips). A fine Holland-America Line collectable. 14cm x 9cm.
2335 Ships Plaques mounted on display block - Click for the bigger picture SoldShips Plaques mounted on display block - A mixed selection of 6 original ship's plaques including a maker's plate named to Drysdale & Co., Yoker, Glasgow. The remaining plaques were probably mounted on the ship's doors and are named Deck Workshop, Boat Gear Store, No. 4 Deck Store, and No.1 Air Con RM. Display mounted on a hardwood block and possibly removed when the ship was broken up.
2353 Marine Dish in Cast Brass - Click for the bigger picture SoldMarine Dish in Cast Brass - Depicting a Steam Ship cast in relief with seagulls flying over the sea. The vessel is not named and the house flag is not identifiable, but a quality item probably dating from the 1930's. 11cm diameter.
1985 HMS Tarpon Presentation Gift - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Tarpon Presentation Gift - A mounted and framed scale from a Tarpon fish with Royal Naval badge to HMS Tarpon and a silvered engraving below reading "Presented to the Officers of HMS Tarpon by SS & C Co. March 1940." On the reverse is an undated newspaper cutting headed "Two Submarines Sunk. The loss of two British submarines was announced yesterday. They were Tarpon and Sterlet. The Tarpon was commanded by H J Caldwell." Subsequent research indicates she was sunk on 14th April, 1940 by the German Minesweeper M-6 in the North Sea, the month following the presentation of the plaque. 16 cm x 13.5 cm.
1978 Souvenir from Italian Submarine Tembien - Click for the bigger picture SoldSouvenir from Italian Submarine Tembien - A mounted plaque incorporating metal taken from the submarine made in the shape of a horse shoe. A brass plate is engraved "Part of Italian U Boat rammed by HMS Hermione Captain Oliver, approaching Malta 2-8-41. No survivors". The Cruiser Hermione formed part of the Malta convoy operation "style". On the way she rammed and sank the Tembien south west of Italy. Subsequently, Hermione was torpedoed, returning to Alexandria 16th June, 1942 by German U boat U-205 and sunk with the loss of 87 crew.
2206 Port and Starboard Navigation Lamps - Click for the bigger picture SoldPort and Starboard Navigation Lamps - Copper with brass trim. Minor service wear but excellent overall condition. Bulb fittings in place. 12 cm.
1938 Ship's Gimbal Electric Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Gimbal Electric Lamp - A quality nickel silver example with lead weighted base designed for either table or wall mounting. Probably dates from 1920's and would have been used for cabin lighting on a passenger vessel. Professionally polished, with a new holder and switch fitted and just requires rewiring for many years more service on land or sea. 27cm. Shade for display purposes only.
2143 Prisoner of War Carving - Click for the bigger picture SoldPrisoner of War Carving - This plaque originated from Scotland and we are told it was presented by a German POW to a local civilian during WWI. It depicts a German soldier in a period combat helmet carved in relief from hardwood. This is mounted on a quality oak frame which appears to be contemporary. We are sure it must have an interesting story to tell! Frame measurements: 25cm x 20cm.
1994 Ship's Copper Ashtray - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Copper Ashtray - Designed with a wide weighted base so as to remain steady on a rolling ship. This example has a presentation brass plaque to front which unfortunately is mostly unreadable due to years of polishing, with the exception of the date, 27/1/44. 21cm
2123 Chadburn Ltd. Ship's Clock - Click for the bigger picture SoldChadburn Ltd. Ship's Clock - A quality clock with a Smith's Astral 7 day movement, mounted in heavy brass case, bezel and bevelled glass. The original dial is named to Chadburns Ltd. Liverpool with nice patination. Just serviced and cleaned and comes with a 1 year guarantee. 23cm.
OC40 Chelsea Ship's Clock - Click for the bigger picture SoldChelsea Ship's Clock - Manufactured by Chelsea Clock Co. Boston. Mounted in Bakelite case with screw down bezel. Very clean dial and high quality 7 day movement. Just serviced and cleaned and comes with 1 year guarantee. Excellent time keeper. 20cm.
2135 P&O SS Strathnaver Commemorative Bowl - Click for the bigger picture SoldP&O SS Strathnaver Commemorative Bowl - Made from hand hammered pewter and carries a coloured picture of the vessel below a glass insert. SS Strathnaver was launched in 1931 as a passenger vessel and during WWII was used as a troop ship. Very good condition, 7.5cm.
1558 White Star Line Cake Fork - Click for the bigger picture SoldWhite Star Line Cake Fork - embossed with star to handle and stamped Elkington Plate on reverse. Small, but collectable, example of White Star memorabilia. 15.5cm (6").
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