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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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1252 Pair of Ship's Engine Room Brass Jugs - Click for the bigger picture SoldPair of Ship's Engine Room Brass Jugs - fitted with hardwood handles. These were used to draw off water from steam ship boilers, so that the salinity could be tested. One handle is marked with red paint and the other green, we speculate one was used for the port boiler and the other starboard! Unusual and decorative marine items from a bygone age. Some service wear, but good original condition. Height 30cm (12”).
665 Hosum Star Globe by H. Hughes of London - Click for the bigger picture SoldHosum Star Globe by H. Hughes of London - the brass ring is engraved HH & S and numbered 4354; the globe is dated for the 1920 Epoch. These globes were used by the ship's navigator, in conjunction with his sextant, to plot the ship's position at night. In modern times of satellite navigation this is a timely and decorative reminder of days gone by. The instrument has been restored and polished and is mounted in a fitted deck box. Part of the globe has been water damaged, but this can be rotated "below decks", so still makes a great display item. Box size 27cm (10.5”).
1760 Marine Sextant by Cary of London - Click for the bigger picture SoldMarine Sextant by Cary of London - numbered 2499, in fitted mahogany box. Silvered inlaid scale, 0 -160 degrees, magnifier to vernier with opaque glass, fine screw adjustment and hard wood handle. Fitted with 7 shades and mirror, complete with siting and astral telescopes, but third scope missing. With test certificate to lid, issued by National Physical Laboratories of Teddington. Professionally restored and polished. Box size 25cm (10").
OC41 Ship's Clock in Heavy Brass Case - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Clock in Heavy Brass Case - silver dial with second hand and fast/slow time adjuster. Repair marks to back of case indicating 1939 and 1954, so we would date this clock to the 1930's. Recently serviced, in excellent working order. 17 cm (7").
1400 Seth Thomas Ship's Clock - Click for the bigger picture SoldSeth Thomas Ship's Clock - embossed R-20704 and Made in U.S.A. This clock has a twin train drive for greater accuracy and is fitted with an 8 day movement. It is mounted in a bakelite case on a wooden backboard. Original dial with some surface rust, which proves this clock has almost certainly been to sea. Overall an excellent example of a clock often used by the US Navy. 20cm (8").
1420 Kreigsmarine WWII Barograph - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine WWII Barograph - in fitted case with folding lid and glazed side panels. The cabinet top carries a KM issue plaque with Eagle and Swastika. The instrument is in good working order. The recording drum rotates once every 24 hours, so would have provided an extremely accurate reading. 29 cm (11.5").
1759 Kreigsmarine WWII Binoculars by Carl Zeiss - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine WWII Binoculars by Carl Zeiss - D.F. 7 x 50 for coastal artillery use. Numbered 5861, nicely stamped with KM Eagle and Swastika. In very good condition - fitted with the original rain guard, button and neck strap. No case.
1884 Kreigsmarine WWII Rangefinder by Carl Zeiss - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine WWII Rangefinder by Carl Zeiss - numbered 2024 with KM I.D. plaque. The original rubber face pad is in place, as is the leather strap. The optics are clear, but lacks the leather 'doughnut' protector from one end. Overall, a fine and rare KM issued example, which comes complete with a reprint of the original Operating Manual (in German) dated 1938. 80 cm (31").
OC49 Navigator's Solid Brass Roller Rule - Click for the bigger picture SoldNavigator's Solid Brass Roller Rule - signed U.W.W. Birmingham. Pattern 160100, complete with brass dividers in fitted pine box.
860 US Navy Silver Plated Dish - Click for the bigger picture SoldUS Navy Silver Plated Dish - engraved with an eagle and USN to centre of base. Stamped Gorham 015334 to rim. Fine condition. 18 cm.
1627 Heavy Bronze Ashtray - Click for the bigger picture SoldHeavy Bronze Ashtray - cast with dates 1939-1945 H.M. Dockyard, Simons Town (South Africa) with gun boat, cannon and crest in relief on base. 12 cm diameter.
702 Trench Art Desk Tidy - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrench Art Desk Tidy - engraved "M. V. Bosphorus (Capt. N.L. Hansen), West African Convoy 1944". Made from brass shell case with turned hardwood base. 11 cm diameter.
977 Presentation Drinks Tray - Click for the bigger picture SoldPresentation Drinks Tray - named to Dutch Ship HR.MS. Flores - dated 1942. Heavy brass base embossed with rampant lions. The same image was used on the shield of her main turret. Flores fought with distinction alongside the Royal Navy in WWII and was involved in the Normandy Landings of 1944. Brass & mahogany, 34 cm.
1779 Tray with applied Brass Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldTray with applied Brass Plaque - the plaque states "Made from Teak of HMS Iron Duke, Admiral Jellicoe's Flag Ship at Jutland 1916". Excellent condition, 48 cm.
1081 Solid Silver Presentation Drinks Coaster - Click for the bigger picture SoldSolid Silver Presentation Drinks Coaster - hallmarked Birmingham 1931, engraved "R.N.R. Officers Second S/M (submarine) Flotilla 1931" and named to HMS Lucia. Lucia was a submarine depot ship built in 1907 - she saw service in WWI and WWII. 2.4" (6cm) diameter.
1136 Silver Plate Ashtray named to SS Ariguani - Click for the bigger picture SoldSilver Plate Ashtray named to SS Ariguani - named to SS Ariguani. On the reverse is the date 17.4.1930 and names of various people who, we assume, were crew members at that time.
1171 Bergen Line Glass Ashtray - Click for the bigger picture SoldBergen Line Glass Ashtray - with etched picture on base of Bergen Line vessel MS Venus. 4.3" (11cm) diameter.
1165 Quality Silver Plate Sugar Shaker - Click for the bigger picture SoldQuality Silver Plate Sugar Shaker - engraved with the New Zealand Shipping Company logo - made by Mappin and Webb Ltd. It has had a rough passage, or two, and carries two dings near the base. 6.7" (17cm) high.
1818 English Pewter Tankard - Click for the bigger picture SoldEnglish Pewter Tankard - engraved to front RMS Andes. Built in 1939 at 27, 000 tons and used as a troop ship in WWII. She had the distinction of carrying exiled King Haakon and the Royal Family of Norway back home after liberation. Very good condition. 3.75" (9.5cm) high.
1336 Union Castle Line Ice Cream Bowl - Click for the bigger picture SoldUnion Castle Line Ice Cream Bowl - nicely stamped with the company logo. Stainless steel, with heavy base. Sheffield made. 3" (7.5cm) diameter.
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