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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

1st January 2020 - update

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1014 Boat Builderís Level - Click for the bigger picture SoldBoat Builderís Level - in brass and mahogany. These were used by boat builders to gauge the correct angle of cut on hull planking. A decorative and unusual piece. 30 cm in folded position.
1085 Seth Thomas SoldSeth Thomas "Convoy" Clock - sometimes called a "Zig Zag" clock - this rare example dates from the early 20th century. Originally the electrical connector on the hand (now absent) completed a circuit which sounded a bell. Every time the bell rang the helmsman would change course (therefore "Zig Zag") to reduce the risk of U-Boat attack. The clock was designed without a bezel or glass - a replacement dial has now been fitted and the 30 hour movement serviced. A real collector’s clock!
1175 Smiths 8 Day SoldSmiths 8 Day "Convoy" Clock - by Kelvin Hughes of WWII vintage. While the original wiring is incomplete, the electrical contact ring is in place. The clock is mounted on a crude, yet correct, wooden box which is complete with the buzzer. The metal case is finished in battleship grey with the code SL.68 written on the reverse. This is the most complete example of a "Zig Zag" clock that we have had – many ended their days at the bottom of the North Atlantic! The movement has been cleaned and is in good running order.
487 Shipís Engineerís Micrometer - Click for the bigger picture SoldShipís Engineerís Micrometer - in original fitted pine deck box with sliding lid, complete with numerous attachments. These instruments were used by the Engineering Officer to calculate the wear on the ship’s engine. Judging by the size of the instrument, this would have been used on a big ship! Box measurements 31” x 17.5” (79 cm x 45 cm).
1317 Original Diverís Torch - Click for the bigger picture SoldOriginal Diverís Torch - Almost certainly made by the most famous name in diving Siebe Gorman as issued to Royal Navy hardhat divers. Stamped with Ref. No. 6230-99-942-7885. Fitted with original leather wrist strap. Chrome finish in excellent condition over brass body. Sold as a collectors item but we have tested with batteries and is in good working order although after all this time we can't guarantee it will still be waterproof at 50 metres!11.5” (28 cm).
1089 Navigator's Chart Protractor - Click for the bigger picture SoldNavigator's Chart Protractor - by H. Hughes & Sons Ltd. London. No. 1105. This instrument is hand engraved S.Y..”Sylvia” R.Y.S. In the ketch rigged Sunbeam Class (8 metres), "Sylvia" was built by Camper & Nicholson in 1926. She was owned by Captain W.H. Dowman, who also owned the famous Cutty Sark. A superb historical named instrument.
1436 Pair of precision Navigatorís Protractors - Click for the bigger picture SoldPair of precision Navigatorís Protractors - stamped with 19 and 1:100, 000 together with a glass map overlay (minor chip), with 13mm grid squares. Both items are reported to have been removed from a captured Kreigsmarine U Boat by the commander of a Landing Craft in 1945.
OC166 Bosonís Whistle - Click for the bigger picture SoldBosonís Whistle - complete with heavy neck chain. Chrome finish - no maker’s marks. These whistles were used to “pipe aboard” visiting officers and other dignitaries. 5” (12cm).
1556 White Star Line - Fish Knife and Fork - Click for the bigger picture SoldWhite Star Line - Fish Knife and Fork - both clearly stamped with the company logo. Reverse engraved Elkington Plate. Unfortunately, we do not know from which White Star vessel they came, but we can dream they were from the Titanic!
OC67 Marine Log Recorder - Click for the bigger picture SoldMarine Log Recorder - with white painted dial detailing nautical miles run. Hands indicate miles and 1/10th of miles. Manufactured by Submarine Cables Ltd of Greenwich - mounted in a heavy brass case. 8” (19.5cm) diameter.
1192 US Navy double sided Pistol Rack - Click for the bigger picture SoldUS Navy double sided Pistol Rack - for 6 point 45 calibre Colt Auto Pistols, Model 1911-A1. Stamped "Ord. Dr. No. 42807 Mfg. at Navy Yard, Phila." These racks enabled weapons to be issued quickly from the ship’s armoury in an emergency for use by boarding parties. A rare item of USN interest in excellent original condition. 18” x 16” (46 cms x 40 cm).
951 Ship's Lead Line - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Lead Line - complete with a sinker and cordage - depth markers are sewn at fixed intervals to aid the linesman to accurately gauge the depth of water below the ship’s hull. The lead weight has an indentation in the base for tallow to be inserted, this enabled samples to be taken from the sea bed to assist in selecting a firm anchorage. An ideal “Nautifact” if you fancy “swinging the lead!”
1134 Pair of Military Issue - Click for the bigger picture SoldPair of Military Issue - for use by the military tailor to cut the uniform cloth without fraying. Broad arrow stamped and manufactured by T. W. Wilkinson, dated 1944, so they could have served at D-Day!
OC122 Ship's Helm (Ship's wheel) - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Helm (Ship's wheel) - hardwood and chrome on brass fittings, complete with original mount.
OC102 Small Ship's Opening Porthole - Click for the bigger picture SoldSmall Ship's Opening Porthole - in brass. 10" diameter (25cm), original glass.
390 Large Ship's Opening Porthole - Click for the bigger picture SoldLarge Ship's Opening Porthole - in brass. 14" diameter (36cm), very heavy with original glass but lacking deadlight.
413 Large Ship's Window with opening light - Click for the bigger picture SoldLarge Ship's Window with opening light - Solid brass with original armoured glass. 27.5" x 21.5" (70cm x 55 cm). Very heavy!
279 Ship's Triton Portable Foghorn - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Triton Portable Foghorn - in elm, brass & leather. Manufactured by Alldays & Onion, Birmingham c. 1880. This item to be featured on a forthcoming edition of Bargain Hunt!
349 Walkers Log Spinner - Click for the bigger picture SoldWalkers Log Spinner - in polished brass, complete with original cordage and metal connector.
726 Folding Yacht Propeller - Click for the bigger picture SoldFolding Yacht Propeller - in brass. When under sail the blades fold in to reduce drag through the water.
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