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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

1st January 2020 - update

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Reference Stock Item   Description
120 Candle Lantern - Click for the bigger picture SoldCandle Lantern - in original condition, complete with internal reflector and wooden insulation handle. C.1945.
89 Triton Ship's Foghorn - Click for the bigger picture SoldTriton Ship's Foghorn - elm and brass, made by Alldays & Onion, Birmingham, c. 1880.
OC77 Ship's Lifeboat Binnacle - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Lifeboat Binnacle - complete with gimballed mounted compass, oil lamp and burner. Compass marked SC3837. Some old repairs which adds to the character as has obviously had significant service use.
572 Ditty-Box - Click for the bigger picture SoldDitty-Box - sailors' issue, circa 1914, made in pine. These boxes were issued to all RN sailors to store their personal possessions, letters, etc. This one is interesting as it retains a brass plaque indicating that the original owner was one W J Shipp, Musician.
612 Optical Telebearing Gun Sight - Click for the bigger picture SoldOptical Telebearing Gun Sight - No.10 Mark 1. Dated 1943. Used on 25 pounders. Very clear optics. Original paint finish.
811 Ship in a Bottle - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip in a Bottle - sailor made, three masted schooner named Iris with steam tug & diorama background, c. late 19th century.
419 Ship's Binnacle - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Binnacle - ex RN, containing a sprung damped compass. Marked 6605-41-460-642B. Oil lamp housing to side (lacking burner), mounted on an oak display board.
OC78 Ship's Binnacle - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Binnacle - with gimballed mounted compass marked SC1526. This instrument is of a type used in a ship's lifeboat and probably dates from c.1950 and is near perfect condition but lacking oil lamp burner.
638 Ship's Brass Heel Indicator - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Brass Heel Indicator - A.E.W. Mk 1 pat. 135584. In polished brass on oak display board. Used to measure degree of list to ensure even weight distribution.
519 Binnacle Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldBinnacle Lamp - complete with original oil burner. Used to light compass card at night. 19th century.
OC110 Sailing Ship's Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldSailing Ship's Pennant - with puffin motif against red background. Other naval, national and signal flags available. Ask for details.
642 White Star Liner Majestic Drawing - Click for the bigger picture SoldWhite Star Liner Majestic Drawing - original ink drawing of the White Star Liner Majestic entering port. Dated & signed by J. McCreesh, 1929.
576 Wren Officers Service Hat - Click for the bigger picture SoldWren Officers Service Hat - Queens Crown, size 7.
915 Air Sea Rescue Launch Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldAir Sea Rescue Launch Pennant - in flown condition. Features RAF Eagle with life ring and sea below, original cordage. Ex-museum display.
312 Assorted Suitcases - Click for the bigger picture SoldAssorted Suitcases - original labels showing vessel name Loch Gowan on a voyage to Vancouver.
311 Leather Suitcase - Click for the bigger picture SoldLeather Suitcase - with original shipping labels.
692 Decorative 'Treen' Barrel - Click for the bigger picture SoldDecorative 'Treen' Barrel - made from timbers salvaged from the wreck of HMS Warspite, built 1915, wrecked SW England 1947.
84 Universal Sun Compass - Click for the bigger picture SoldUniversal Sun Compass - rare, dated 1940, on turned display mount. Used in WWII by Long Range Desert Group (subsequently SAS) to locate position in desert operations.
947 Carved Oak Fid - Click for the bigger picture SoldCarved Oak Fid - used by sailors for twisting and splicing rigging lines, 34cm. Decorative "rope" carving to top, which was probably done by the original owner.
799 Measuring Cup - Click for the bigger picture SoldMeasuring Cup - sealed & dated 1945 certified 1½ gill. Stamped Dunnetts with ministry broad arrow. We are told that this was used for issuing Royal Navy Rum rations.
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