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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

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OC78 Ship's Binnacle - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Binnacle - with gimballed mounted compass marked SC1526. This instrument is of a type used in a ship's lifeboat and probably dates from c.1950 and is near perfect condition but lacking oil lamp burner.
638 Ship's Brass Heel Indicator - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Brass Heel Indicator - A.E.W. Mk 1 pat. 135584. In polished brass on oak display board. Used to measure degree of list to ensure even weight distribution.
519 Binnacle Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldBinnacle Lamp - complete with original oil burner. Used to light compass card at night. 19th century.
OC110 Sailing Ship's Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldSailing Ship's Pennant - with puffin motif against red background. Other naval, national and signal flags available. Ask for details.
642 White Star Liner Majestic Drawing - Click for the bigger picture SoldWhite Star Liner Majestic Drawing - original ink drawing of the White Star Liner Majestic entering port. Dated & signed by J. McCreesh, 1929.
576 Wren Officers Service Hat - Click for the bigger picture SoldWren Officers Service Hat - Queens Crown, size 7.
915 Air Sea Rescue Launch Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldAir Sea Rescue Launch Pennant - in flown condition. Features RAF Eagle with life ring and sea below, original cordage. Ex-museum display.
312 Assorted Suitcases - Click for the bigger picture SoldAssorted Suitcases - original labels showing vessel name Loch Gowan on a voyage to Vancouver.
311 Leather Suitcase - Click for the bigger picture SoldLeather Suitcase - with original shipping labels.
692 Decorative 'Treen' Barrel - Click for the bigger picture SoldDecorative 'Treen' Barrel - made from timbers salvaged from the wreck of HMS Warspite, built 1915, wrecked SW England 1947.
84 Universal Sun Compass - Click for the bigger picture SoldUniversal Sun Compass - rare, dated 1940, on turned display mount. Used in WWII by Long Range Desert Group (subsequently SAS) to locate position in desert operations.
947 Carved Oak Fid - Click for the bigger picture SoldCarved Oak Fid - used by sailors for twisting and splicing rigging lines, 34cm. Decorative "rope" carving to top, which was probably done by the original owner.
799 Measuring Cup - Click for the bigger picture SoldMeasuring Cup - sealed & dated 1945 certified 1½ gill. Stamped Dunnetts with ministry broad arrow. We are told that this was used for issuing Royal Navy Rum rations.
807 Kreigsmarine Cigarette Case - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Cigarette Case - engraved with K.M. eagle over large "M" stamped with German silver mark 0.800 & signed Achef. 13cm x 9cm.
OC140 Presentation Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldPresentation Plaque - metal, printed with "Greetings from U.S.F.S. Olympia" showing voyage details from Boston U.S.A. January '02 to Gravesend England September '03. 23cm x 16cm.
765 Royal Navy Escape Goggles - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Escape Goggles - by Siebe Gorman for use with Davis Submarine Escape Apparatus. C. 1930's.
695 French Colonial Service Keipi - Click for the bigger picture SoldFrench Colonial Service Keipi - in burgundy, black & gold. Maker's label Tailleur-Couturier Peris, Marseille. We understand this would have been worn by a Lieutenant Colonel Doctor of Medicine. In excellent original condition.
1015 Book Ends - Click for the bigger picture SoldBook Ends - carved treen, made from timbers taken from the Battle Ship HMS Warspite wrecked in Prussia Cove, Cornwall 1947, complete with brass plaque 20cm high. Decorative, historical and useful!
1034 Salt Pot - Click for the bigger picture SoldSalt Pot - fine quality, complete with blue glass interior and spoon, embossed with the Pacific & Orient (P&O) Line Crest. Very heavy to prevent sliding on the saloon table. 6cm diameter.
1035 P&O Line Sugar Shaker - Click for the bigger picture SoldP&O Line Sugar Shaker - made for Pacific & Orient by quality London makers Mappin & Webb, embossed on the base with P&O crest. Some service wear but overall good condition. Height 16cm.
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