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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

1st January 2020 - update

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4152 Desk Set made from teak wood salvaged from HMS Collingwood - Click for the bigger picture SoldDesk Set made from teak wood salvaged from HMS Collingwood - It has a brass plaque confirming the provenance and below another engraved "With the compliments of C.W. Kellock & Co. London & Liverpool". C.W. Kellock were one of the leading shipbrokers established in 1850 and still in business today. Several Royal Naval ships have been named Collingwood but it seems likely these timbers came from the battleship launched in 1908, served at the Battle of Jutland and was broken up in 1922. The two wooden pots may have originally held ink but if so are now lacking the ceramic liners and covers. Measures: 11" x 8" (28cm x 20cm)
4648 Trench Art Sea Mine Model - Click for the bigger picture SoldTrench Art Sea Mine Model - Mounted in a hardwood display case with glazed viewing panels. We are not sure if this mine is a copy of an original type but the design appears to be broadly of the contact type used in WWII. It is finely detailed with lifting eyes and detonator horns. Judging by the weight, the body of the mine appears to be made from solid brass, so please check postage with us. This item came from the estate of a retired naval man which included the HMS Amethyst cleat which we have just listed. Case measurement: 7" (17.5cm)
4649 Motor Boat Cleat from HMS Amethyst of Yangtze Incident fame - Click for the bigger picture SoldMotor Boat Cleat from HMS Amethyst of Yangtze Incident fame - Mounted on an oak shield with details of provenance. The cleat is brass with chrome plating. HMS Amethyst was a frigate of 1350 tons and launched in 1943. In 1949 she sailed up the Yangtze river to assist with the evacuation of British citizens caught up in the Chinese civil war. Shore defences opened up killing or injuring 54 of her crew including her captain. This incident and her subsequent escape was featured in the famous film where HMS Amethyst played herself!
4647 Submarine Clinometer from HMS Opportune - Click for the bigger picture SoldSubmarine Clinometer from HMS Opportune - Fitted with manufacturer's place engraved Crockatt and marked Patt. 5292. The plate above is marked from 0-10 degrees and an air bubble in the central glass tube visually indicated the list or heel on the boat. Lamps are fitted above and in service there would have been lit up to indicate the degrees of list. The instrument is set in a varnished mahogany base. On the back is scratched HM/SM Oportune which was an Oberon class submarine of 1610 tons which was launched in 1964 and broken up in Portsmouth in 1996. Measures 22.5" (57 cm).
4605 Einheitsdichtigkeitsmesser - Click for the bigger picture SoldEinheitsdichtigkeitsmesser - A German naval salinity tester complete in original fitted box. These were used to test the water on U-Boats as well as other naval vessels. This example made by Dr. Hermann Rohrheck Nachf Berlin comes complete with hygrometer, a test tube (possibly replacement) and a can containing original litmus papers. An added bonus are the original operating instructions dated 1936 with numerous hand written amendments and alterations. Box measurement 15" (38 cm).
4619 Kriegsmarine Compass by Askania Werke A.G. Berlin - Click for the bigger picture SoldKriegsmarine Compass by Askania Werke A.G. Berlin - Askania were established in 1938 and manufactured for both the German navy and Luftwaffe. An excellent example, either from a small craft or perhaps as an auxiliary back up compass in case the main unit failed. Nicely marked on the bezel with a Kriegsmarine property mark and numbered M3167. The compass card and oil are very clear with just a small air bubble visible under the glass. The compass bowl appears to be made from Bakelite and incorporates brass lugs for gimble mounting. Diameter 5.5"(14 cm).
4409 Kreigsmarine Flakglas 12 x 60 - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Flakglas 12 x 60 - A fine set manufactured by Carl Zeiss Jena. These would probably have been mounted on a 4 metre range finder used by coastal artillery and possibly on large ships. They are in good original condition but missing the drop down front shades. The lens rain guards are in place. The optics are crisp but the instrument could possibly benefit from a clean. They carry a clear Kreigsmarine property mark, together with the letter M and IV/I. Finished in battleship grey paint. This set was brought back as a souvenir by a naval officer in WWII and it is the first time they have been offered on the collectors' market.
4594 Signal Corps Semaphore Flag Kit - Click for the bigger picture SoldSignal Corps Semaphore Flag Kit - An excellent pair of flags, complete with their original aluminium issue canister which is broad arrow marked with the code SF49458809. The flags are cotton with wooden handles and are in good display condition. Similar examples are displayed on our web site by the oldnautibits sales assistant!
2350 HMS Warrior/Operational Grapple Presentation Tankard - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Warrior/Operational Grapple Presentation Tankard - Made from English pewter, the tankard is engraved with a flying bird with a grappling hook held in its claws and below engraved "Operation Grapple" 1956-1957 Cdr. P. Whitfield DFC, RN from Ship's Flight HMS Warrior. Warrior was an aircraft carrier launched in 1944. She took part in Operation Grapple, the first British hydrogen bomb tests held near the Malden and Christmas Islands in the Central Pacific Ocean, embarking a handful of helicopters and Grumman Avenger AS.4s to collect samples from the tests and ferry them back for analysis. After the operation was completed the Avengers were catapulted into the sea as they were considered contaminated with radioactivity. Warrior was broken up in 1971. Measures 5" (13cm)
4457 Royal Naval Launching Mallet - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Naval Launching Mallet - This ornate ceremonial mallet would have been manufactured and used for the official launching of a naval ship and would have been presented to the dignitary subsequently as a souvenir of the occasion. It would originally have been contained within a velvet lined casket together with the launching chisel. Sadly, these items are missing and as a result we have no provenance with the piece. The mallet, which is made of fruit wood, is heavily carved and encorporates a fouled anchor on the head. These mallets very rarely appear on the market and represent a unique piece of naval history. Probably dating from the late 19th century. Measures 11.5" (29cm).
232 Royal Navy Ships' Nails with Battle of Trafalgar Association - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Ships' Nails with Battle of Trafalgar Association - On offer are two hand made bronze ships' nails which were recovered by divers from a naval stores vessel which foundered after striking the Runnelstone Reef near Lands End, Cornwall on 7th March, 1806. The nails were a part of the cargo being shipped to Milford Haven in South Wales to assist with the repair of Nelson's Fleet which had been damaged by the French at the Battle of Trafalgar. Both carry the military broad arrow confirming originally the property of His Majesty's Navy. These 19th century nails never made it their intended destination so your chance to grab them while you can! Measures 7.5" (20cm)
PC33 HMS Plymouth Falklands War Souvenir - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Plymouth Falklands War Souvenir - This item features a framed black and white photograph of HMS Plymouth a Rothesay Class Frigate which entered service in 1959. The picture includes an original sailor's cap band from the Plymouth and is signed in ink by David Pentreath who was the Captain of the Plymouth during the Falklands war. The Argentinian surrender was signed by Lt. Cdr. Alfredo Astiz on board the Plymouth and Captains Pentreath and Barker (of HMS Endurance) accepted the surrender. Minor ageing to the photograph but a unique item to Falklands war collectors. Measures 16.5" x 13.5" (42cm x 34cm).
3439 HMS Pegasus Christening Font & Stand - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Pegasus Christening Font & Stand - This is a totally unique and one-off item with the font being made from a seaplane spinner. Pegasus was a seaplane carrier of 3070 tons, launched in 1917 and sold out of service in 1931. She carried a complement of 9 aircraft. Almost certainly made on board, the stand appears to be varnished mahogany with the central spinner in aluminium. A plaque is riveted to the front which carries the Pegasus crest with the engraving "Font made from the nose piece of a seaplane for the christening of Michael Phipps on board HMS Pegasus 13th July, 1918 and presented to Mrs. Phipps by the officers after the ceremony". It is a Royal Navy tradition to occasionally baptise children of serving crew within the upturned bell in which case the child's name was engraved inside. We have never previously heard of an aircraft nose piece being used for this purpose but it provides the ideal receptacle. We assume young Master Phipps (who today would be 90 years old!) was the son of a crew member at the end of WWI. The font is in excellent original condition with some ageing to the varnish. We have had this in our own collection for some time and it makes an excellent plant stand with a Christmas Poinsettia! Stands 36" (92cm) high and diameter at top 16" (40cm).
3298 Royal Navy First Sea Lord Staff Car Pennant - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy First Sea Lord Staff Car Pennant - A most attractive miniature white ensign which has come directly from the admiralty stores complete with stock label indicating it is in serviceable condition and stock number 5373297. Made from a silk like material with laid on red cross and union flag and with a brown leather reinforced section where the flag fitted over the staff car pennant mast. A great RN collectable or could be used to impress the neighbours fitted to your Cortina! Measures 13" x 6" (33 cm x 16 cm)
4223 Kreigsmarine Issue Schwimmveste - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Issue Schwimmveste - These lifejackets were issued to both surface and u-boat crews and photographic evidence exists that they sometimes found their way onto Luftwaffe air sea rescue aircraft. This example is in good issued condition with rubberised canvas finished in beige and fitted with the correct fastening straps. It comes complete with the gas inflation bottle which is stamped 16908, H and dated 6.44 as well as a swastika and M. The jacket itself carries a Waffen Ampt ink stamp and also has manual inflation points. The main inflation tube is in place but the stopper is missing and exhibits signs of perishing. Whilst not mint, this is an excellent display example and is becoming increasingly hard to find in any condition. Not warranted for its original use!
4274 Kreigsmarine Military Stop Watch - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Military Stop Watch - We purchased this fine instrument at auction in South West England and it was described as having been recovered from a U-boat after WWII. The back of the case is nicely marked with Kr, a Waffen Ampt stamp and the letters MA. Identical markings are shown in the excellent Angolia & Schlicht Uniforms and Traditions book volume 3, page 246 with the comment "the meaning of the KR is unknown". Our feeling is this is actually a Kreigsmarine military artillery timer but could well have also been used by the submarine service. The enamel dial has a couple of minor chips but is generally in excellent condition with the main scale recorded 0-10 seconds and the subsidiary dial recording minutes from 0-10. The watch mechanism runs smoothly with both counters operating but it does appear to have a minor fault in that when stopped and zeroed, the main hand returns to the 2 second position as shown in the photograph. If required, the new owner could probably have this sorted and we are therefore offering for sale as a collectable item only. The case carries a double back. No maker's name is shown on the dial. Diameter 2.75" (5.5 cm)
4404 Kreigsmarine Ship's Log in fitted case - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Ship's Log in fitted case - A scarce example and only the second one we have ever seen offered for sale. The register dial is named to the well known nautical instrument manufacturer W. Ludoph who have been operating from Brenerharven for over 150 years. The dial interestingly features a digital display which must have been an advanced feature 70 years ago. Above the scale is written Seemeilen which translates to mean nautical miles. The bezel is embossed with a clear Waffen Ampt stamp and the numbers 2708 and WB12366. The register is made from an alloy and is finished in Kreigsmarine field grey paint. The fitted pine deck box also contains a shoe (mounting device), a traff rail log governer, rotator, hooks and cordage. The metal parts show some rust but the set is in "sleepy" condition, exactly as it must have been when it came out of service. The register appears to be in working order but is for sale as a collector's item.
4396 Kreigsmarine Cigarette Box from Schnellboot S-151 - Click for the bigger picture SoldKreigsmarine Cigarette Box from Schnellboot S-151 - Features an alloy trade badge for a torpedo mechanic to the lid and made from a polished hardwood with an upward hinging central lid. This box has an intriguing story to tell. On the base is written in faded ink "Torpedo boat 151 Kieler Harven" and below "This cigarette box was obtained from a torpedo mechanic of the German Navy ship Torpedo Boat 151. Place: Kiel Harbour. Time: June 1945, boarding party. Price: 5 cigarettes (5 x more than was asked for)" So often the kit we find has lost its provenance down the years, so this little box makes a very pleasant change! We hope the original Kreigsmarine torpedo mechanic enjoyed his 5 cigarettes 63 years ago! Measures 5.5" x 4" (14.5cm x 10 cm)
4377 S.S. Broomhill Wooden Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldS.S. Broomhill Wooden Plaque - We believe this to be a ship's lifeboat name board from the ill fated vessel. It is made from mahogany with the lettering in white paint and varnished over. The reverse has evidence of a paper label but if this contained the provenance of the piece, this has long since gone. What we do know is that the SS Broomhill was a steam collier of 1392 tons, built in 1909. She was captured in Lyme Bay in southern England by the German submarine UC61 on 10.05.17. She was sunk by explosive charges, sadly with the loss of 2 lives, brothers James and Robert Jone who were both firemen. She is lying at 50 metres and is largely intact. We can only assume this plaque was removed from a lifeboat by one of the survivors and kept as a souvenir of that eventful day 91 years ago. Dimensions 17.5" (45cm)
3924 Siebe Gorman Goggles - Click for the bigger picture SoldSiebe Gorman Goggles - Fitted with clear lenses mounted in a rubber frame with elastic and leather back strap. The goggles are clearly marked Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd. Makers London over the nose bridge. The set is in excellent original condition and the rubber shows no sign of perishing. We are not sure of original use but believe they could have been submarine escape goggles.
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