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These are some of the SOLD items that have been listed on our website

There are a maximum of 20 items on each page - they are not listed in any particular order. As time goes by we will continue to add to this archive, so, hopefully it will become quite a large reference record. If you have a specific interest, try using the Search box below - this will search the entire stock database for any keyword(s) you enter.

1st January 2020 - update

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4373 HMS Invincible Hip Flask - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Invincible Hip Flask - A quality example made from English pewter in Sheffield, the home of fine metalwork in England. To the front is a naval crest with crown, rope surround and triton device. To the rear is a list of battle honours for all the ships to carry the name Invincible from St. Vincent in 1780 to the Falklands in 1982. Height 6" (15cm)
47 Ship's Deck Filler Cap - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Deck Filler Cap - No, this is not a giant's bath plug hole! It is, however, a filler cap and mount, made from solid brass with screw fitted removable cover which is attached with a safety chain to avoid loss whilst at sea. This would probably have been flush fitted to the ship's deck to give access to either diesel or water tanks. The item's diameter is 7.5" (19cm) and is 3.5" (8cm) deep. Great for a classic boat restoration project or possibly shore based applications!
142 Leather and Canvas Suitcase with Mauretania Associations - Click for the bigger picture SoldLeather and Canvas Suitcase with Mauretania Associations - A fine example in used condition. The original owner was L. F. Pepie whose initials are on the lid. He clearly travelled in style as numerous original Cunard Line baggage labels are in evidence, one clearly stating Pepie sailed on the liner Mauretania in the first class state room M.50 from New York to Southampton. Mr. Pepie lived at Mariners, Virginia Water, so a very appropriate address! We are assuming the Mauretania is the second vessel which carried the name which entered service with the Cunard White Star Line in 1939. She was almost immediately requisitioned by the military, armed, painted battle ship grey and served as a troop ship throughout the war. Returning to her owners post war, she served until being scrapped in 1965. Our case is in generally good condition with just minor wear to the canvas and leather but with a variety of original Cunard - White Star labels, would make a great decorator's piece or as a focal point in a WSL display. 30" x 17" (76cm x 43cm). Both locks in working order but the key is absent.
136 Royal Navy Admiralty Pattern Log Clocks - Click for the bigger picture SoldRoyal Navy Admiralty Pattern Log Clocks - Named on the dials Samuel Lee Bapty Ltd. Watford and Admiralty pattern 809. One clock has a conventional dial and hands, while the other has no numerals and a single hand that rotates once every 60 minutes. Both dials have some service wear. They have provision for bulkhead mounting and appear never to have had a bezel or glass fitted. Both have mechanical movements in working order, while the reserve are electrical connections marked 10 mins, 1 min, 2 sec, 0.5 sec and com. There is also an instruction for use with pitometer or chernikeeff log. The latter was invented by Mr. V. Chernikeeff, a Russian national in 1917 and over 3, 000 were subsequently fitted to Royal Navy vessels. Diameter 5" (13cm). For sale as collector's items and would appeal both to ship's log and marine instrument enthusiasts. Price quoted is for the pair.
66 Kings Town Trader Minto Life Ring - Click for the bigger picture SoldKings Town Trader Minto Life Ring - An original example finished in red with reflective strips and rope surround. Painted with the ship's name in Gothic lettering. Sadly we have no history of the vessel the ring came from, although we have discovered a Minto in the Scottish borders area and also in Canada. The item has some bumps and bangs, no doubt acquired during its life at sea but would make an ideal wall decoration in a seaside pub, seafood restaurant or in a nautical bathroom. For sale as a collector's item only. 30" (75cm) diameter.
50 SS Strathnaver Decorative Fouled Anchor - Click for the bigger picture SoldSS Strathnaver Decorative Fouled Anchor - Brass finished with an enamel P&O house flag and the ship's name attached to the shank. Strathnaver was the first of five Straths launched in 1931 at 22, 283 tons, was uniquely finished in all white livery and was very popular with her passengers. In WWII she became a troop ship and assisted with the invasion of Italy. She rejoined P&O in 1948 and was finally broken up in Hong Kong in 1962. The anchor would have been purchased as a souvenir by a passenger as a reminder of a voyage. Mounted on a wooden display shield. Anchor length 3.25" (8cm)
5 Oldham Lantern Type E - Click for the bigger picture SoldOldham Lantern Type E - Admiralty Pattern 16012. Alloy case stamped with maker's name and 220 volts direct current. It appears to have taken a dry cell battery as well as provision for an external power source via brass screw cover. The bulb is sealed within a heavy glass lens and we imagine the lamp would have been used by the Royal Navy as an emergency engine room inspection lamp. Measures 13" (34cm). Sold as a collector's item as we have no means of testing, although looks to be complete.
3350 Admiralty Pattern 574 Non-Break Guidor Hydrometer - Click for the bigger picture SoldAdmiralty Pattern 574 Non-Break Guidor Hydrometer - This instrument is supplied in the original admiralty issue case which is dated 1945/6. The item was manufactured by G H Collie & Co. Birkenhead and carries a patent number 2655. It is unusual in that the hydrometer is protected within a glass tube and surrounded by rubber rings to prevent breakage in service use. This is the first example we have seen and despite being over 60 years old, it has survived in near perfect condition.
3569 H.M.S. Courageous Presentation Plaque - Click for the bigger picture SoldH.M.S. Courageous Presentation Plaque - To mark the award of the Kelvin Hughes Sea Lion Trophy. Courageous was a Royal Navy nuclear powered submarine in service from 1970 and paid off in 1992. The trophy was presented annually by Kelvin Hughes, the marine division of Smiths Industries, for top performance in torpedo marksmanship in the Royal Navy submarine service. Winning crew members received, as well as the trophy, a tie carrying the same motif and a bulkhead plaque was retained on the boat. This award was first introduced in 1975. The award is in the form of a double sea lion motif in relief set on a mahogany base and to the front a brass plaque confirming the award to H.M.S. Courageous. 7" x 5" (18cm x 12cm)
3570 H.M.C.S. Naming Ceremony Presentation Award - Click for the bigger picture SoldH.M.C.S. Naming Ceremony Presentation Award - This item is in the form of a soap stone whale mounted on a hard wood base which is carved with the inscription "Presented to Lady Thomas on the occasion of the naming of H.M.C.S. Victoria 6th October, 2000." H.M.C.S. Victoria (SSK 876) is a long range Hunter Killer submarine and is named after the city of Victoria in British Columbia. She originally served with the Royal Navy as H.M.S. Unseen (S41), between 1989-2000. The soap stone has been used as a carving material for thousands of years and is widely used in Eskimo art. This whale is particularly nicely executed, although he has a minor chip to the tail fluke and fin, so here is your opportunity to purchase a very unique example of fish and chips!! We have no information on Lady Thomas but assume she was probably responsible for the naming of this boat.
2084 Ship's Ventimeter - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Ventimeter - In original cardboard case in excellent condition with full instructions for use as well as how to interpret the wind strength measured. Designed for marine and meteorological use to measure wind speeds from o to 82 mph or force 0 (calm) to Hurricane Force 12! Whilst for sale as a collector's item, it appears to function correctly but cannot guarantee its accuracy, although the last one of these we sold went back to sea and we were told subsequently its readings aligned accurately with today's high tec equipment! Described on the packaging "durable, rust proof and buoyant"! We would estimate it dates from the mid 20th century. 7.5" (20 cm)
35 Marine Fog Horn - Click for the bigger picture SoldMarine Fog Horn - Made from a genuine animal horn with brass fittings and provision for a hanging rope. We are told this came from a large sailing vessel and was held in the cockpit as an auxiliary fog horn in case the main horn should fail. Good working order and very loud. It could not doubt continue to earn its living at sea or would be hard to ignore in the domestic environment. 14" (36cm)
8 Station Pointer by Heath Navigational Ltd. London - Click for the bigger picture SoldStation Pointer by Heath Navigational Ltd. London - A fine instrument in original fitted wooden case marked H.O. 849. It is in excellent issued condition and is complete with extension arms and is marked 5018 as well as H.O., a broad arrow, 849 and dated 1970. We believe this to be a Royal Navy issue item and whilst on offer as a collector's piece, it looks as though it is all in good working order. The station plotter was used by the navigating officer to plot the ship's position from angles made between land marks with a sextant. Circle diameter 6" (15cm)
3522 HMS Hood Trench Art - Click for the bigger picture SoldHMS Hood Trench Art - Made in the form of a naval gun turret in a silver alloy, mounted on a hardwood display stand. To the rear is a brass plaque which has been stamped HMS Hood sunk 24.5.1941 and below a Royal Navy brass uniform button with King's Crown. HMS Hood was blown up and sunk in the action with Bismarck and Prinz Eugen with the sad loss of virtually the entire ship's company with just three of her crew surviving. 5.5" (14 cm)
PC65 Ship's Engine Room Inspection Lamp - Click for the bigger picture SoldShip's Engine Room Inspection Lamp - Finished in polished bronze with a carrying handle to the top. This example is embossed with the code BM28651 and would have been powered by a self contained dry cell battery which was secured within the base of the lantern and protected by a rubber gasket. It would have been illuminated by means of a toggle switch and was designed to be used below decks on Royal Navy and other vessels to carry out inspections in dark, inaccessible conditions or when the main power supply has failed. Whilst on offer as a display item, we believe it would still function as intended, with a suitable battery or could be converted to mains wiring by a qualified electrician. It is heavy and would also make an excellent marine door stop! 6" x 10" (15cm x 25cm)
3977 Marine Pelorus no. 7 - Click for the bigger picture SoldMarine Pelorus no. 7 - Manufactured by the well known maker Heath & Co. London. This fine example is set in gimbals and mounted in a hardwood deck box. This features brass fastening hooks and the removable lid is further secured by a leather strap; the side of the box is stencilled Heath's Pelorus No. 7. The inside of the lid carries the maker's original instructions for use. The instrument is in totally original condition with folding sighting vanes and filters. These instruments were used to take the magnetic bearings of objects obscured from the standard compass. This example is not dated, but likely to be from the early part of the 20th century. Case measurements 7.5" x 7.5" x 6" (19cm x 19cm x 16cm)
PC63 WWII Ship's Bulkhead Lantern - Click for the bigger picture SoldWWII Ship's Bulkhead Lantern - A fine original example that was fitted to HMS Forth, a submarine supply depot ship which was launched in 1938 and served throughout WWII, finally being broken up in 1985. In service the lamp was painted white, but it has now been stripped back to its original bronze. It is complete with an opaque lamp cover and to the reverse it has 3 mounting points for wall or bulkhead mounting. The lamp holder has been replaced, but would require wiring up by a qualified electrician prior to use. Lamp diameter 8" (20cm) and depth from the mounting brackets is 5" (13cm)
3816 Meteorological Office Aneroid Barometer Mk. IIB - Click for the bigger picture SoldMeteorological Office Aneroid Barometer Mk. IIB - A fine original instrument made by A. T. Reynolds Ltd. London and dated 1944. Originally it would have been used on a weather ship or shore station to record daily changes in barometric pressure. The scale is in millibars and extends to a full circle from 860 to 1050. The dial is marked MO and is in perfect condition, as is the glass. It features an indicating and set hand to show changes in air pressure. The instrument is housed in a brass case with a wall hanging ring attached. A quality instrument in fine, original condition. The diameter measured across the dial is 5.25" (13cm)
3188 Man Overboard Marker Buoy - Click for the bigger picture SoldMan Overboard Marker Buoy - Solid brass fittings with a lamp at one end and orange painted wooden float. Manufactured by Easco and was designed to be thrown into the sea to mark the position of a man overboard casualty. It would originally have been battery operated, but we have not tested it and it is definitely for sale as a collector's item only! 44cm (17")
OC249 3 Original Marine Pennants - Click for the bigger picture Sold3 Original Marine Pennants - One featuring a coat of arms surmounted by a King's Crown, the second a horse and the third a lion. Manufactured in cotton with rope and wood toggles. They are in flown condition with minor moth damage, but they still display very well and are extremely decorative. We have no provenance with them, but if any visitors can identify them, please let us know. Size approx. 70cm x 40cm (28" x 16")
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