Masts Ahoy only 14 available!
Updated 23rd June 2022

We have been fortunate to purchase a strictly limited quantity of architectural timber posts, manufactured to resemble ship's masts. These items were intended for use in a very high specification shopfitting design that reflected the "nautical look".

The Posts/Masts

The interior design/shopfitting company awarded the manufacturing contract to a genuine ship's mast supplier, so the construction method is identical to that employed for a traditional sailing ship mast. Eight best quality redwood sections are laminated around a hollow core - the diameter is 140mm (5.5") and the overall height is 2500mm (98.5").

Each post weighs about 8kg (17.6lbs).

The Fittings

To emphasise the "nautical look", all the fittings are manufactured from stainless steel (Grade unknown). There is a base plate and two polished fascia panels, an engineered wedge and a 16 guage wall bracket. When the masts were used in a store, a cross beam was fitted through a slot cut in the top section of the mast - it was held in position by the wedge. The opposite end of the cross beam was fixed using the wall bracket. We no longer have any cross beams, but if required, a timber merchant should be able to supply. The height from the floor to the underside of the crossbeam is 2030mm (80").

Each fitting kit is supplied in a box weighing about 6kg (13.2lbs).

Structural Suitability

Although really sturdy, the timber post is not designed to be structural. However, we think that a, Structural Engineer specified, steel tube (max diameter 80mm) inserted into the hollow centre core, would make a structural application feasible.

History & Applications

These sets were designed and specified in the USA, but manufactured in the UK around 1998 - 2000. They were hugely over-engineered, with a price to match! The design was for interior use - which we believe to be the most appropriate application. We purchased them when the retail outlets' shopfitting had been updated, rendering this (brand new, and never used) stock obsolete.

We expect that a purchaser, possibly an Interior Designer, or Architect, will adapt these masts for their interior design - perhaps like one of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. We would imagine them sitting well in a marine themed environment, a wine bar, a fish restaurant, a club house, or perhaps in a dockside loft space. Watching the RHS Chelsea Flower show recently, made us think that they could add the perfect detail to a luxury tree house - the possible applications are as numerous as the breadth of your imagination! The stunning look that could be achieved, might give you the opportunity to lift your own "Grand Design" to a whole new level!


We are offering these unique items at a fraction of the manufacturer's original cost. This is a one off opportunity - so, "when they're gone, they're gone". Click the cycling images above to view the Slideshow, the photos give a good overview of what is on offer.

As these sets are outside our usual area of expertise, we believe that they present a wholesale, rather than retail, opportunity. Therefore, although we are still happy to sell them individually (as per our current stock listing), we would welcome the opportunity to discuss quantity pricing for any project that you have in mind. Our remaining stock is currently stored at (and available for collection from) our facility in Somerset, South West England.

Please click the More-Info/Enquiry button below, to contact us for additional information, or if you would like to discuss a quantity price.

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