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RAF Type E Partial Pressure Helmet Instruction Manual - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Type E Partial Pressure Helmet Instruction Manual

The iconic Taylor E Partial Pressure Helmet was developed by Baxter Woodhouse and Taylor ltd in the 1950's and saw limited service with the RAF in the 1960's against Stores reference 22C/2093-2105. These helmets were hugely expensive to manufacture and saw very limited use and as such examples hardly ever appear on the collectors market today. I have been lucky enough to own two of the type over the last 20 years but sadly both are now with new homes. The second one that came in was a boxed mint example that came complete with its ring bound Instruction Manual. These manuals, produced by Baxter Woodhouse, are now nearly as scarce as the helmets and are themselves becoming 'hens teeth' to purchase when they do occasionally turn up.

In order to satisfy the demand we have come up with a cost effective solution and have loaned our own copy to a specialist printer who has done a fantastic job in recreating a superb facsimile and frankly when placed alongside the original it is hard to identify which is which. They have used strong card covers and heavy duty paper that replicate the look of the original and having just taken delivery we are delighted with the result and we are sure our customers will be as well.

The booklet contains 39 pages and is profusely illustrated with black and white photographs covering all aspects of the helmets use in service. These include a full description, general functions, donning and removing the helmet and pre-flight checks and tests. This is then followed by post flight action, servicing and maintenance, functional tests and details on the use of the B. W. T. Nitrometer and the B. W. T. test rig. The manual also includes details of service modifications to the helmet carried out as a result of service use. Interestingly the copy was clearly typed inhouse by a staff member at Baxter Woodhouse in the days before word processing and numerous 'typo' are faithfully reproduced in our facsimile! We have not seen an original manual for sale in years but if they do turn up they are likely to be priced at north of £100. Our facsimile is rather better value and is an essential item if you are lucky enough to own a Taylor E helmet but also a fascinating manual that will be appreciated by helmet collectors who can only dream of such ownership. We have a very limited quantity available so grab a copy whilst you can as you are not going to be able to source one from Amazon. com!

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