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RAF Pilot's and Flight Engineer's Notes : Lancaster I, III & X - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Pilot's and Flight Engineer's Notes : Lancaster I, III & X

Designed by Roy Chadwick, the Lancaster four-engine bomber entered service in February 1942 and became the backbone of RAF's Bomber Command in WWII and flew 156,000 operations over occupied Europe, successfully delivering 608,612 tons of bombs. The 'Lanc' had a crew of seven and these booklets were issued to all pilot's and flight engineers and contained invaluable information about the aircraft's operation, controls, handling, and emergency procedures. Most editions that turn up today are modern reprints and whilst convincing they are replicas. On offer here is a scarce original edition, printed in April 1944 and marked on the front cover A. P. 2062A (3rd edition), 2062C (2nd edition), 2962F (1st edition) and named to Pilot Officer Roeder (?)and below is written 'No 15'. We surmise this refers to 15 Squadron RAF, which converted to the Avro Lancaster in December 1943, operating from Mildenhall.

This booklet contains 46 pages detailing a vast amount of information, including a general description of the aircrafts operating systems and controls in Part 1. Part II deals with handling, part III operating data for the Merlin engines, whilst Part IV explains what to do in emergencies. Part V then covers supplementary notes for the Flight Engineer and concludes with part VI which contains superb pull-out diagrams/photos illustrating the pilots instrument panel, the port side of the cockpit, the flight Engineers panel and diagrams of the fuel system. The booklet remains in remarkably good issued condition and with just minor service wear and age related staining to the front and back covers and rust to the staples. These original examples are becoming increasingly hard to find now and this one would sit happily in any RAF related collection. If any visitors to the site can help identify Pilot Officer Roeder please get in touch and we will add to our description.

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