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RAF Pilot's Notes for Bristol Beaufighter Mk VI, TEX & X1 - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Pilot's Notes for Bristol Beaufighter Mk VI, TEX & X1

The Beaufighter prototype first flew in July 1939, just six months after the layout drawings had been agreed and was met with an order for 300 aircraft, under Specification F.17/39. Entering service in July 1940 it operated as a night fighter in the Battle of Britain. Robust, versatile and heavily armed, the Bristol Beaufighter operated in many roles and theatres, remaining in RAF service until 1960 and when withdrawn from service 5,928 had been manufactured. The Mk VI featured Hercules X VII engines and over 1,000 examples of this model were built. The TFX variant was a torpedo fighter aircraft, dubbed the "Torbeau" whilst the Mk XIC was supplied to Coastal Command. These pilot's notes, like the Lancaster version also listed today, is a scarce original copy dated January 1944 and is a second edition A. P.1721. The cover is named in feint pencil to a F/Sgt K. R. ………., the final lettering of which we have been unable to decipher.

The booklet has 44 pages and contains a vast amount of information, with Part 1 including a general description of the aircrafts operating systems and controls. Part II deals with handling, Part III operating data for the Hercules engines, whilst Part IV details what to do in emergencies. Part V then concludes with superb pull-out diagrams/photos illustrating fuels systems, the pilots instrument panel, the port & starboard sides of the cockpit and Emergency Exits and related equipment carried. The booklet remains in remarkably good issued condition and with just minor service wear and age related staining to the front and back covers and rust to the staples. These original examples are becoming increasingly hard to find now and this one would sit happily in any RAF related collection. During its service the Far East that the 'Beau' acquired its nickname of "Whispering Death" because the quiet, fast, and low-flying abilities enabled the aircraft to be on top of the enemy before he had time to react. Grab yourself the chance to own this scarce booklet relating to an iconic aircraft of WWII ; we suspect it will be a long tome before we see another.

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