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RAF Gloves, Flying, Gauntlet, Type D - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Gloves, Flying, Gauntlet, Type D

A virtually mint set, finished in soft chestnut leather with a wool lining. These are of a straight pull on pattern and formed part of the 'D' series electrically heated system and when issued were used in conjunction with rayon inner liners. Later in WWII when the heating aspect became less important they were often used alone or with silk inners. This set (which is for the outers only) shows a slight colour variation between the left and right glove, as is normally the case as a result of the gloves being made in different factories and paired up when issued to avoid pilferage. Both carry good clear labels with the left glove carrying stores reference 22C/768 and the right 22C/771. Interestingly despite these references indicating a pair of size 9 gloves the labels have been modified by hand to indicate size 9.5 and certainly the fit seems to indicate the larger size. The labels are also A.M. marked with Kings Crown, contract numbers and AID inspectors stamps. Like all our kit, whilst these are offered for sale as collectables, seeing the pristine condition we see no reason why they can not be used for the intended purpose, for re-enactment or for classic motoring. They certainly meet the collectors maxim 'always buy the best you can afford'! Further pictures are available on request to show the full detail described.

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