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Ladies CC41 'Utility Clothing' Fur Gloves - Click for the bigger picture

Ladies CC41 'Utility Clothing' Fur Gloves

The CC41 Utility logo was a British Board of Trade requirement that appeared on footwear, utility furniture, textiles, and utility clothing for just over ten years from 1941. CC41 designated that the item met the government's austerity regulations. By 1941, with the need to produce clothing and other war essentials for the expanding armed services during the Second World War, many items were rationed. Certain raw materials could no longer be imported, and those that could were directed towards the war effort. In addition, the U boat threat and the Battle of the Atlantic resulted in shortages of both raw materials and finished goods. The scheme was therefore designed to encourage economy of production, rather than restricting commercial endeavour and encouraged manufacturers to specify a more leanly specified version.

The utility mark also meant that the item was tax free, which appealed to the public, so there was a greater incentive to produce items to this standard. The iconic logo was designed by a commercial artist called Reginald Shipp and is in the form of two 'cheeses' that look rather like the letter 'C'. A number of theories have been put forward as to what the 'CC41' stood for with some stating it stands for 'Civilian Clothing', others for 'Controlled Commodity'. The government introduced the 'Limitation of Supply Orders' that forced manufacturers to produce only a fraction of their pre-war amounts and CC41 goods represented cheap, but reliable goods.

Our gloves carry a clear CC41 label sewn into the left glove that indicates that they date from between 1941 and 1952 when the scheme was finally discontinued. Despite them qualifying as 'utility clothing ' they are actually made from very good materials including real fur inside and out with grain leather used on the palms and fingers. No size is marked but fit nicely on an average ladies hand and are both stylish and warm. The previous lady owner used them in the front cockpit of her husband's Tiger Moth but they would be equally useful in an open top classic car and of course they are perfect for a CC41 collector. Whist of a later date, similar gloves were used by RFC aviators in WWI. This pair remains are in fantastic original condition that belies their age.

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