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Luftwaffe Flying Boots - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe Flying Boots

A very original set of the classic single zip pattern dating from around the middle of WWII. This model replaced the earlier Pst 4004 pattern that featured a double zip on each leg and so made better use of both materials and manpower. This pair is clearly earlier production than the late war 'economy' version boots we have also just listed.

These feature original 'Zipp' brand zips with a single lightning bolt which is characteristic of earlier production. The riveted leather pulls are still in place and the zips are both in good working order. The grain leather uppers are really very good shape;the nubuck sections at the top of legs show some wear and the left boot interestingly has a repair strip across it. We have no idea when this was done and could well be period. On the same boot the inner top nubuck section shows minor cracking to the surface finish. On display or displayed on mannequin we would not see any problems.

The Original soles with anti slip bump pattern are fitted and clearly branded with a hand motif and 'WO'. Unlike many examples we see these soles are not cracked and only show light service wear. Inside is in great shape and none of the mothing often found with very clean fur and apparently little wear. The labels are both very nice, clean and not washed out. These confirm these boots have not been mismatched as they both carry identical information. The size appears to be 28 1/2 and we believe the manufacturing date to be July 1944. The leg and instep straps are again all original with matched buckles.

Not much more we can say other than whilst not mint these boots are well above the average for an genuine issued set and would sit happily in a collection or dressed on an appropriate mannequin. I have owned these myself since 2006 but it is now time to rehome them. Good original wartime Luftwaffe issue boots are getting increasingly hard to track down now so grab these whilst you can!

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