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Luftwaffe Other Ranks /NCO leather belt - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe Other Ranks /NCO leather belt

Fitted with original 1940 pattern die stamped, steel combat box buckle; pre-war examples featured a fully pebbled alloy buckles but these were superseded around 1939 or 1940 by the steel variant. This example features a smooth outer field with a central embossed high relief oval with pebble finish, inside a laurel leaf wreath surround. The Luftwaffe eagle, with outstretched wings clutching a canted swastika in one talon to the centre and is of the second pattern with good crisp definition. Some of the original dark field grey paint remains to the front but is largely worn away. Earlier buckles carried a short leather tab attached to the buckle roll bar to serve as a catch for the right-side ammunition pouch, but by order OTB 42, No.54 of 28th March 1942 this was abolished, as a material saving aid due to war shortages and this is correctly omitted from this buckle.

The leather belt is also in excellent issued condition. This again is the later pattern finished in black leather with a brown interior. The original owner has scratched his name into the adjustment bar leather and appears to read 'Leut'. On the opposite end to the buckle the belt clip is securely stitched in place and whilst a little indistinct the makers details are stamped on the pointed end and whilst we have not been able to decipher the manufacturer the date of 1942 is clearly shown, so aligns exactly with the specification described above. The leather belt (excluding the buckle) measures 36.5" (92 cm) so ideal dressed on a mannequin display.

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