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Luftwaffe Fémáru M 37 M Pistol Holster - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe Fémáru M 37 M Pistol Holster

Fémáru P.37(u) Pistol was manufactured by Fémáru Fegyver- és Gépgyár R. T. Budapest in Hungary. The Model 37 was an updated and simplified version of the earlier blowback design, the Model 29. The Hungarian Army adopted the updated pistol in 1937, and in 1940 joined the Axis Powers and in 1941, the Third Reich contracted with FÉG for 50,000 Model 37s which were primarily issued to the Luftwaffe, with the calibre changed to 7.65 mm but to the same basic pattern but with the addition of a safety catch.

Our holster would originally have held one of these weapons and is maker coded to the rear 'cdc' indicating it was made by Kern, Klager & Cie of Berlin, who also supplied binocular cases in WWII. Below the factory code is the date of manufacture indicating 1943. Various types of holster were made for the M 37 but this German made example is all leather and carries a pocket to the front for a spare magazine and a strap and stud for securing the weapon. The leather shows evidence of service use but remains sound whilst the base metal rivets evidence some rust. The back of the holster has a loop for attaching to a belt, as well as carrying the manufacturers code as mentioned. Inside the holster it is unlined and the inner flap carries ink stamping reading 'Nur für Pistole 37 M (Ung) Kal. 7,65 m/m', which in translation means 'Only for Pistol Model 37 (Hungarian) Calibre 7.65mm'. Those owning a copy of the reference book 'Deutsche Luftwaffe ' will find an identical holster illustrated on pages 338 & 339.

A very clean example of an increasingly rare Luftwaffe holster that would of course display well with the Luftwaffe belt we are also just listing.

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