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Luftwaffe Electrically Heated Channel Trousers - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe Electrically Heated Channel Trousers

The two piece 'flight suit was introduced in the spring of 1941, and replaced the more cumbersome one piece flight suits and were was commonly referred to as the "Kanalanzug" (Channel Uniform). The 'Kanal' trousers were first issued in blue/grey cotton and in late 1943 a leather version was offered, often to ME 262 pilots flying in defence of Germany. The standard characteristic of the trousers are two large frontal pockets, here with Prym marked snaps together with numerous other snap and zip closure pockets all designed to hold an assortment of safety aids in the event of ditching over water. The zips are all original and carry the leather pull tabs. Some are marked RHEINNNANDEL whilst others are by ZIPP, with lightning bolt logo and the ankle zips are by RAPID.

This set is the scarce electrically heated variant with all the connecting wires and connecting plugs intact. These two piece suits were not actually heated in themselves but carried a 24 volt power supply from the aircraft and enabled heated gloves and boots to be connected to the jacket and trousers. Inside they feature the characteristic blue velveteen that remains in very good condition. In the waist band is sewn a makers label named to 'Karl Heisler' Berlin C2, Magazin Str 14' and below and ink stamped 'Great No 23790'. The label carries an uncompleted date stamp reading 194 and a BA inspectors stamp. It also has a hand written name 'Prfm Hamann' which we believe to be the original owner although we have no information on him.

Generally the cloth is in above the average condition and very clean but the garment does show signs of service wear, mainly where the inside lower legs have rubbed together above the boots. One area has what appears to be a period repair but on display this hardly notices. In addition one of the closure snaps is missing from bottom of one of the front pockets but agin is invisible on display. The canvas waist adjusting belt and loops for the braces/ suspenders remain in place, although the suspenders are no longer present. Those with a copy of 'Deutsche Luftwaffe' can check out a near identical set illustrated on pages 252-261. An increasingly scarce and desirable example that would sit happily in any collection.

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