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AAF Vest, Emergency Sustenance Type C-1 - Click for the bigger picture

AAF Vest, Emergency Sustenance Type C-1

Manufactured by Reliance Mfg Co of Chicargo for a contract awarded to. Sears, Roebuck & Co of Philadelphia. Commonly known as the C-1 survival vest this is in generally good issued condition but showing some age and use related wear to the fabric. The vest is profusely fitted with snap fastening pockets each designed to store specific escape and survival aids ; the pockets are now all empty. In addition the jacket comes complete with a weapons holster fotted with a 'lift the dot' retaining strap. All the pockets are labelled for the original contents. A good set of AAF winged star printed to left breast which is now slightly faded. AAF labelled and with inspection stamps to the inner lining. Button fastening to front and rear adjustment straps. In RAF terms this comprehensive garment would loosely correspond to the RAF Beadon suit and bag system.

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