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WWII Japanese Army Two Piece Winter Flight Suit - Click for the bigger picture

WWII Japanese Army Two Piece Winter Flight Suit

On offer is a matched flying jacket and separate flight trousers of the standard Japanese design. In looking at the details today we have decided this actually came out of the factory as a one piece winter suit but has been modified at some stage in its life to make it into a two piece suit. We have seen several examples of this happening over the years and understand this was a period modifications that made it simpler to use. The RAF Irvin flight suit was designed as a two piece garment for exactly the same reason.

The jacket is in exceptional condition;it carries a superb rabbit fur collar in light brown whilst the body of the jacket is lined with white fur. The jacket itself is made from brown cloth which is very clean and just the odd mark commensurate with an issued jacket. It carries all original zips fitted to both sleeves and also to the double breast pockets, used for storing maps, pistol and personal items. The jacket is fastened with original eyes and hooks with a waist belt fitted complete with chromed buckle that shows minor rusting. The inside storm flap of the jacket carries the original Japanese factory manufacturing details which we have had translated. These confirm the jacket (suit) was the property of The Imperial Japanese Army and the production date is shown as 1941. It was made in the Osaka factory and carries an Osaka factory production stamp.

The trousers are an excellent match to the jacket but show rather more service wear with a little thinning to the fabric in places and the odd stain. The lining is the same white fur as the jacket. In checking the detail we would say the jacket and trousers are definitely a set and have always been used together. The zips are all original and functioning and on the ankles the fabric is gusseted. It is also zipped on the arms and two further waist zips to enable the pockets of a uniform worn below to be accessed. In addition the trousers feature fur lined pockets to both knees. The waist band is made from dark brown wool fabric. This has a few minor moth nibbles but nothing to worry about. Whilst we can not say for sure when this modification was carried out it looks to be period ;we understand two piece suits were favoured by fighter pilots although we have sadly got no provenance with this item.

On display in a collection or ideally set up on a mannequin it certainly looks the part. If you have interest in this suit please ask for additional photographs to enable you to check out the detail. Whilst not mint it is a very decent display example and now getting increasingly hard to find. It would of course display well with the winder flying helmet we have just listed, which was also manufactured in the Osaka factory.

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