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RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles

This pattern, issues against stores reference 22C/930, were the final and most successful of the RAF issue flying goggles of the Second World War. Introduced officially in October 1943, they were not supplied to aircrew until the earlier stocks of it's predecessor the Mk VII were exhausted. When they did reach the squadrons they were immediately well received, being much lighter than the Mk VII and provided a secure and comfortable fit on the C, D and E flying helmets of the time. They continued on the RAF inventory until made obsolete by the introduction of the Mk I Bone Dome flying helmet although they remained an issue item up until the 1970's.

This set has clearly seen service use with some paint rub to the brass frames, but remain in good original condition. This set is currently fitted with tinted lenses, although when issued the set would also have included a clear pair now absent;these show some fogging but still display well. The original back strap is in place; the elastic is a little stretched but is fine for display in a collection or with an appropriate flying helmet. The leather padding is in excellent condition, as is the leather nose cover. If you like your kit to be mint and boxed these are probably not for you but as a set that has clearly seen service they are ideal and are offered at an entry level price to reflect their current condition

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