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Aeronautical Headgear British

Stock No. PC226

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White Cotton Flying/Motoring Helmet - Click for the bigger picture

White Cotton Flying/Motoring Helmet

On offer is a very basic unlined white cotton flying or motoring helmet. It has no provision for any communication equipment but would have given a certain amount of hair protection from wind buffeting in the air or on the road. It does not carry any manufacturers label and the only information gleaned from the inside is a pencil size mark of 6.75 and a confirming paper label giving the same information. The only other clue we have to its origins is a '1940' ink date stamp to the chin strap. This may be original but it is possible it has been added to this helmet to sex it up and create more demand. Actually we would date it as being more likely to have originated in the 1930's and whilst the helmet is the real deal the jury is out over the date! It certainly looks the part and gives that classic 'Amy Johnson' (or Keith Park) look for a very modest price!

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