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Luftwaffe M-43 Einheitsfliegermütze Other Ranks Flight Cap - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe M-43 Einheitsfliegermütze Other Ranks Flight Cap

The Luftwaffe M-43 field cap was introduced for wear by all ranks on 27th September 1943 as a replacement cap for all other field caps then in use. The standard issue M-43 was constructed of Luftwaffe blue-grey wool with a rayon lining.

On offer is a very fine late war single button specification example that has avoided the attentions of the dreaded moth. The interior lining is very clean and is nicely ink stamped 56 (size) followed by 1944 and below RB Nr. 0/0375/0025. The Reichsbetriebsnummer (or RB number) is a 9 digit code introduced on 25.06.43 The prefix 0 indicates Industry and second group of four numbers represents a district code that identifies the geographic location of the company, we believe in this case Saxony. The third and last group of four is the Company code, which we have not as yet identified, so any help on this would be appreciated.

The cap carries a fine one piece Luftwaffe insignia with woven cockade below and the peak retains an excellent shape. September 1943 instructions stated if the peak got in the way when operating machinery the wearer was allowed to reverse the peak and wear back to front in the modern manner of today although we have yet to find a period photograph to prove the point! Not much else we can add other than this example meets the collectors maxim 'always buy the best example you can afford'. But don't just take our word for it and as with all our stock more detailed photographs are available by return. When new these caps were charged at 3.19 Reichmarks ;ours is now a little more but this pattern is becoming increasingly hard to find and more so in this conditionon and should prove a good investment and an excellent addition to the collection.

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