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Luftwaffe LKp S101 Summer Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe LKp S101 Summer Flying Helmet

This model was introduced in 1938, and replaced the 1936 specification LKpS100 and whilst made to the same basic pattern it featured improved Siemens communications and better sound insulation. Instead of aluminium earphones housings of the earlier helmets this features hard rubber cups covered with dark brown leather which had a more streamlined appearance and with an external recess at the top which helped secure the goggle straps in place. The avionics were also enhanced by the installation of a Perspex membranes inside and padded with fleece lined cushions around the earphone speaker. The housing for the throat microphones on the LKp S101 was also improved with two straps containing the microphone linked by an inverted "T" at the nape of the helmet. This also served as the junction between the helmet's internal wiring and the long cord and plug-in connector. The throat straps were adjustable by means of two buckles, and once correctly adjusted could be joined together or removed at the front by means of a snap fastening.

On offer is a good issued example of the type and whilst it displays evidence of quite hard service life it is complete and despite minor issues displays very well. The 'salt and pepper' cotton weave fabric shell shows signs of in service use, particulary on the outside brow and a very tiny tear to the front right section but this does not detract on isplay. The leather parts are good although the left chin strap buckle has been damaged at some stage and has been neatly sewn back on. The helmet has provision for use with a a 3 point oxygen mask with an adjustable brow strap fitted; the metal parts show slight age wear. The goggle straps are all fine and functional and fitted with Prym snaps; the characteristic double chin straps are both excellent.

Inside the helmet the earphones Perspex covers remain in place, and embossed Ln 26602 and are in excellent condition. It is fully wired and carries a 1 metre long wiring lead with a 4 pin plug fitted marked BLKvFL 27968 and unusually one side has been painted green to ensure it is quickly connected to the female coupling on a 'right first time' basis. The helmet is fitted with the early pattern round Mi4a & FL26779-1 magnetic throat microphones. The lining is made from olive satin with lambswool around the receivers, for added comfort. The lining shows evidence of very light service wear and remains in exceptional condition. Sewn in are two woven set of labels; identical examples are shown in Mick Prodger's 'Luftwaffe V RAF' reference book page 25 centre top and described as 'labels from an early helmet'. The top label is named to Siemens and marked below Baumuster LKp S 101 and Ln. Nr 26617 ; below is a clear red BAL inspectors stamp. A secondary manufacturers oblong label is also attached reading STRIEGEL & WAGNER KOM.GES. LICHTENFELS/BAYER.OSTMARK Grosse : 55, indicating a small size. This is almost certainly a pre war manufactured example that could well have served through the Battle of Britain although its history has been lost down the years. This pattern is becoming increasingly hard to find and is priced to reflect its overall condition. Despite the issues mentioned it would provide a very decent example of the type in any Luftwaffe or flying helmet collection.

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