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Luftwaffe FK 34 Summer Flying Helmet - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe FK 34 Summer Flying Helmet

Luftwaffe K 34 Flying Helmet - This pattern was constructed from the same pattern as the LKp S100 and made without any provision for communications and used in crews positions where radio equipment was not required or by those in training. This is the summer variant of the helmet, finished in 'salt and pepper' fabric whilst an identical pattern, designated K33, was offered with a brown leather shell and fleece linings for winter use. A further variant was made in grey leather for use by Me262 jet pilots This pattern was manufactured at least until 1943 and is a later example, having additional metal studs and brow hook fitted to enable 3-strap oxygen masks to be used.

This helmet remains in really excellent original condition with no damage or staining to the cloth shell or green rayon lining. It carries an unusual cotton manufacturers label confirming it was made by G.A.Hoffman Berlin S.W.29 followed by a weak stamp indicating 37 that could be the date of manufacture It is further stamped 55 although if the size it certainly fits closer to a 60. The double leather chin and rear goggle straps are all very crisp and we can't find any issues at all to mention, and the metal parts are like new. What makes this example stand out from the crowd is instead of having and adjustable brow strap (as per the FK 33 we have also just listed) this helmet has a strap and snap arrangement. This is a first for us but if you own a copy of Mick Prodger 'Vintage Fling Helmets' check out page 232. At the bottom he details an FK34 to an identical specification and writes:' 1937 dated FK34 Fling helmet with snap down leather strap on the crown instead of the adjustable forehead strap. It is believed this crown strap was an early oxygen mask attachment point which was also incorporated into the Italians and Japanese copies of Luftwaffe helmets'. It therefore appears this is a very early and rather scarce variant of the more commonly found type of FK 34 and very unusual and desirable example to add to a Luftwaffe helmet collection. In addition the overall condition certainly matches the old collectors criteria of 'always buy the best example you can afford'! Grab it whilst you can.

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