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Mk III Flying Goggles - Click for the bigger picture

Mk III Flying Goggles

Like the RAF Mk IIIA's goggles we have just listed this set is about as good as they come! This example is RCAF issue and the back strap is clearly stamped with stores Ref. 22/397. Interestingly the strap is also stamped 22C/13 C.C.B. The Mk III pattern was introduced into RAF service in 1935 against stores reference nos 22C/69 and featured curved Perspex lenses, black painted brass frames and wide leather face pads intended to protect the wearer in an open cockpit which was the norm in the 1930's. Despite the pre war design many saw service into the Battle of Britain and beyond. The RCAF model was manufactured to an identical to the Air Ministry issue pattern but it clearly continued to be issued long after it was declared obsolete by the Air Ministry as confirmed by the 1942 manufacturing date on this set.

The frame retains almost all of the original paint finish with only minor rubbing. All of the frame screws are original and both frame 'stops' are in place. The ventilation holes above the stops were designed to prevent condensation forming on the inside of the lenses. The leather surrounds are in exceptional condition with no damage or repairs and retain suppleness. The lenses have light marking commensurate with age and service use but again are in exceptional condition. On the reverse side the leather and velvet face pads are in near mint condition and this set remains quite soft without the usual hardening of the interior padding. The leather nose cover is equally soft. The back strap is near perfect and the canvas spring covers and the springs themselves are in top condition, more or less as they left the factory 74 years ago! The brown leather back strap is fully stamped as already described with the friction buckle in good working order and the curled strap end remaining and not cut like so many we see.

Like the RAF Mk IIIA goggles which we have also just listed this set definitely match the collectors maxim 'Buy the best you can afford'. Don't however just take our word for it and if you have possible interest please drop us a mail and requested detailed pictures which will prove the point. These iconic goggles will display perfectly with an RAF or RCAF B type flying helmet and we do not anticipate that they will be with us for long.

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