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Luftwaffe Crash recovered relics from Walton Wood, Norfolk - Click for the bigger picture

Luftwaffe Crash recovered relics from Walton Wood, Norfolk

This small grouping came from a UK collector and we are told were recovered from Walton Wood, near East Walton in Norfolk. On line research confirms Dornier E-4 Wnr.4267 coded U5+CK operating with KG2 was shot down on 23rd August 1942 by Beaufighter X7944 piloted by Flying Officer Hugh Wyrill so would seem to indicate these relics relate to this aircraft.

Clearly the top item is the Dreieckrechner flight computer which is a period DR2 model manufactured by Dennert & Pape of Hamburg. It is clearly dated with a November 1940 manufacturing date as well as a Luftwaffe Fl number 23825. It is in better than relic condition but the disc is slightly bowed and distorted and has minor heat damage to the Perspex slides, so has most certainly been in a crash. The reverse side is in equally sound display condition.

Alongside this is a black elbow joint that looks like an oxygen or air tube connected onto the ribbed end. It has clearly been ground recovered with traces of mud and rust on the severed joint. The piece of alloy skin measures 10" long (26 cm) and still carries a good deal of the dark olive drab paint; some corrosion as you would expect but no ID marks to give a clue to its origins and we have no idea where it came from on the airframe. The final item is a bit of yellow cloth strap with a friction buckle. The webbing is severed and the stitching torn; it looks like the buckle part has been sewn back on using black thread. This is the piece I am least convinced by and it may not be associated with the crash but was picked up in the same area but we can't say for certain it's origins. It could I suppose be a Mae West strap or another unidentified strap used in the aircraft (flare holder perhaps) but that is pure speculation.

These items, mounted on a board and framed with relating story of crash would look quite impressive, in a similar way to the parachute flare cartridge diorama we have also listed today. As with all our stock more detailed photographs of the individual items are available on request.

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