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AN 5732-1 Magnetic Compass - Click for the bigger picture

AN 5732-1 Magnetic Compass

An original example still fitted to it's anti vibration mounting bar. Basic research indicates possible PBY Catalina origins for standby use. The standby compass may have been mounted above, not on top of, the main instrument panels just ahead of the overhead throttles. The screws to mount it would come up from the bottom of the ears on the mounting bracket securing it to the overhead structure. The PBY's, depending on the model, had either a remote compass or a directional gyro on the main instrument panels but you would would still have a standby magnetic compass in view. Another theory is it could be a Stearman, as this compass will fit exactly in the factory cut out for a compass in the Navy Stearman instrument panel. If any visitors to the site can add any information on this please let us know and we can update our description.

Condition is as shown. The interior lamp hatch cover is missing but it otherwise it looks complete. The compass oil remains clear and the compass swings freely. Below the compass is a compass magnetic deviation card. A data plaque above the compass confirms it was manufactured by the Bendix Aviation Corporation of New Jersey against serial nos Z-709. How this instrument ended up here in the UK is unknown but we feel sure it has a story to tell! Mounting bar measures 16" (41 cm) and it stands 5.25" high (13 cm)

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