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Airplane Mooring Kit Type D 1 - - Click for the bigger picture

Airplane Mooring Kit Type D 1 -

A genuine UK warehouse find, probably untouched since it was put into store many years ago. The canvas case is in sound condition but does have some storage marks inside and out. Stencilled on the case is Airplane Mooring Kit Type D 1 and 36G4465. The zip fastener is fully functioning and not corroded. On opening we found the full contents in near factory fresh condition and the set appears to be complete. Whilst we stand to be corrected we believe this set was manufactured in the US and was designed to tether aircraft to the ground to avoid them flipping over in a wind. The other suggestion is the kit was designed for mooring seaplanes of the USN but we tend to believe the former use is more likely. In searching on the net we found someone else who found a similar set in the US commented:- 'Turns out we stumbled on an Airplane Mooring Case and contents Type D-1 36G4465. Part of the equipment package the US Army Air Force required with the WACO aircraft specification in 1936'. Each of the 6 interior pockets contain x3 spikes and we understand the other rods and turning handles were designed to fix the spiked ends securely into the ground on an airfield to enable the aircraft (Waco or otherwise! to be tethered to the ground with the coir rope provided. We believe this kit may date from WWII although we have been informed they were also used post war. If anyone can add anymore information on date and use of this kit we would be happy to add to our description. Whilst for sale as a collectable, in view of the excellent condition, we see no reason why this kit could not be used for its intended purpose in the 21st century. The case measures 27" x 8" (69 cm x 18 cm). We have spotted a similar set which is clearly stamped USN on a US web site on offer at $275. Ours is more modestly priced! e were fortunate enough to buy a number of these kits direct from their original UK store where they have lain forgotten for many years. This is the last remaining set and when it is sold they are sold as the supply has now been exhausted.

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