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Royal Flying Corps Cigarette Case - Click for the bigger picture

Royal Flying Corps Cigarette Case

a superb solid silver example in the classic curved shape, designed to sit well in a tunic pocket and carrying a finely engraved RFC pilots brevet to the front as well as the campaigns the original owner served in. Above the RFC wings we have France, with the engraving slightly worn and below is Egypt and Salonica. Immediately beneath the wings Macedonia with the dates 1916-17-18, with final campaigns listed as Malta, Crete and Italy. Sadly no name or even initials have been added so like the RFC walking stick we have just listed we have no way of ascertaining who the original owner was but on the assumption he was aircrew he must have been either highly skilled or highly lucky (or most likely both! to have survived what appears to be nearly every major theatre of World War 1 when the life expectancy of RFC aircrew was often numbered in weeks if not days. The inside of the case is clearly hallmarked with an anchor and lion motif and date letter 'W' confirming the case was manufactured in Birmingham in 1921. We have however been unable to decipher the makers mark. We can only assume it was purchased by or presented to the owner after serving and surviving WWI as a reminder of his service in the Royal Flying Corps. The case is in generally good used condition commensurate with its age and was clearly used for the purpose it was intended and was not just a decorative piece sitting in a draw or display cabinet. The hinge and latch mechanism are in good working order and it still retains the original elastic to hold a single row of Woodies, or dare I say it, perhaps Senior Service, in place? Measures 4.5" x 3.25" (11.5 cm x 8.5 cm.)

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