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RCAF Alloy Plaque - Click for the bigger picture

RCAF Alloy Plaque

This one is a bit of a mystery! Made from we believe cast aluminium, in the form of a waisted shield. To the top cast in relief is an eagle of same design as used by the RAF. Below is an RCAF other ranks cap badge, surmounted by a Kings Crown. The plaque then features a diagonal bar and below that is an aircraft in flight. This appears to be a single engine machine, but we have been unable to identify it and it may perhaps be generic. Then at the bottom of the shield is an RAF ensign mounted on a pole. The RCAF used the standard RAF ensign, introduced in 1921, one year after the Canadian Air Force was founded, when permission was granted for the Canadian Air Force to use the RAF Ensign. During World War II the question of a specifically Canadian air force flag was raised and in July 1940 the Royal Canadian Air Force adopted its own ensign by replacing the red disc at the centre of the RAF Ensign with a red maple leaf, that remained in use until 1965. Based on this timeline we have assumed the plaque dates to before July 1940 and could well be pre War. Finally at the very bottom of the shield is an image of the World with both North and South America featured.

The plaque measures 10 1/2" x 71/2" at the widest point (27 cm x 19 cm).It remains in excellent original condition. If any visitors to the site can add anything more to our description or where it might have been mounted we will update the listing accordingly. Certainly in a lifetime of collecting we have never seen another.

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