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Item 6230 Bell P-39 Airacobra Crash Relics - Click for the bigger picture

Item 6230 Bell P-39 Airacobra Crash Relics

On offer is a substantial piece of airframe skin from a Bell P-39 which is accompanied by a further piece from the same aircraft which is described as a wing spar section. The main piece carries much of the original olive paintwork; it is heavily compressed and it is clear the aircraft impacted the ground at significant speed. Like the other items listed from this collection we have no details of the air frame but we understand these pieces were recovered from Russia. We have been unable to identify what part of the aircraft this was from although a clue might be an inspection hatch aperture. The relic measures an impressive 53" in length (135 cm) but needs to be handled with care due to sharp edges. The wing spar section is also painted in olive drab and is of more modest proportions 24"x 9" (61 cm x 23 cm).

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