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Douglas C-54/DC-4 Crash Relic Trim Wheel - Click for the bigger picture

Douglas C-54/DC-4 Crash Relic Trim Wheel

We believe we now have a positive identification as a result of input received from our good friends Boris and Chris from Switzerland. They have provided photographic evidence of similar wheel being used on the flight deck of a Douglas C-54/DC-4 so looks pretty conclusive so many thanks to them!

The wheel itself is bound with rope for better grip and the reverse has a cog to drive a chain. We have various clues to assist with a positive ID. One of the bolts is marked 'Aero Supply' which we believe to be of US origin. The wheel is stamped 510820 3 to the centre whilst on the reverse plate is scratched DOI 2417K and below WIS01. In addition it has a stamp within a circle which appears to read 'ATFI' and below 'H5' although this is not entirely clear. The diameter of the wheel is 8.5" (22 cm) and the mounting bracket (that shows signs of crash damage) is 12" (31 cm) top to bottom. Most of the original blue/grey paintwork remains in good condition.

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