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RAF Pilots Wings - Click for the bigger picture

RAF Pilots Wings

good issued set of WWII specification Pilot's Brevet awarded to Pilots on completion of their training and worn with pride. The original Royal Flying Corps (RFC) Pilot's brevet or Pilot's Wings was designed by General Sir Frederick Sykes and General Sir David Henderson. It consisted of the wings of a swift in white silk embroidery with the monogram of RFC encircled by a laurel wreath of brown silk. The monogram was surmounted by a crown. The Wings were given Royal approval by King George V in February 1913 under Army Order 40/13. When the Royal Air Force was formed in 1918 the design was changed slightly. The wing shape took the form of an eagle and the monogram became RAF but has otherwise remained largely unchanged over the years.

This example is of the flat type and being surmounted by a crisp Kings Crown and is likely to be of WWII vintage, although the details of the original owner have been lost. It is in good issued condition with no moth or other damage and the only fault is a slight stain as shown on the leading edge of one wing. This looks to have age to it and we prefer to leave it exactly as it came to us. Measures 4 1/2" wingtip to wingtip (11.5 cm)

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