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Kreigsmarine Military Stop Watch - Click for the bigger picture

Kreigsmarine Military Stop Watch

We purchased this fine instrument at auction in South West England and it was described as having been recovered from a U-boat after WWII. The back of the case is nicely marked with Kr, a Waffen Ampt stamp and the letters MA. Identical markings are shown in the excellent Angolia & Schlicht Uniforms and Traditions book volume 3, page 246 with the comment "the meaning of the KR is unknown". Our feeling is this is actually a Kreigsmarine military artillery timer but could well have also been used by the submarine service. The enamel dial has a couple of minor chips but is generally in excellent condition with the main scale recorded 0-10 seconds and the subsidiary dial recording minutes from 0-10. The watch mechanism runs smoothly with both counters operating but it does appear to have a minor fault in that when stopped and zeroed, the main hand returns to the 2 second position as shown in the photograph. If required, the new owner could probably have this sorted and we are therefore offering for sale as a collectable item only. The case carries a double back. No maker's name is shown on the dial. Diameter 2.75" (5.5 cm)

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