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Siebe Gorman Admiralty Issue Diving Torch NSN-6230.99-520-1611 - Click for the bigger picture

Siebe Gorman Admiralty Issue Diving Torch NSN-6230.99-520-1611

Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd, arguably they most famous name in diving, have manufactured hand-held battery powered submarine electric torches for divers and the British Ministry of Defence since the 1920's. We have sold countless examples over the years but these have been exclusively the type most commonly found, normally with a chrome leather wrist-strap which is sewn on, with a bulls eye lens and four metal 'prongs' to protect the glass lens.

On this occasion we have been fortunate to secure a much rarer variant torch with 'Slide switch'. These were manufactured by Siebe Gorman between 1967-1969 and weigh in at a hefty 1.8 kilos or 4 lbs without batteries fitted. Made from high quality brass with an electroplated (either chrome or nickel) finish for added protection against corrosion. Our torch carries much of the original silvered exterior coating but it does show wear in the places you would expect, commensurate with service use. It is clearly stamped with the all important makers name Siebe Gorman and below the NATO stock number NSN-6230.99-520-1611 and below it is dated 1968. As all serious torch collectors will know the 5th & 6th paired numbers of the N-S-N sequence (called the 2-digit NCB) refers to the country of manufacture. For the UK the number, as here, is 99.

This torch supersedes the previous design and improves on it. A large separate 'O'-ring seals the lens housing; the batteries are isolated in a grey painted and non-conductive inner metal tube, and is complete with a conical compression spring at the end of the battery housing to lock three 'D-size', 1.5 volt dry cell batteries in place. These would give a maximum burn time of 1 to 2 hours. The torch is not fitted with batteries and we can't warrant if it is still in working order so for sale purely as a collectable. The rugged, simple construction of all Siebe Gorman Military issue torches enables them to operate within the depth parameters of most normal Royal Navy diving limits and is safe to operate down to 80 meters. Unlike on later torches it does not carry a wrist strap but there is a lanyard hole on the curved metal end plate which is stamped on this torch with an 'X' which we speculate is a Royal Navy quality acceptance mark. The torch measures 11" long (28 cm) and the diameter of the lens end is 3.25" (8.5 cm) It weights a hefty 4.0lbs without batteries (1.8 kilos)

As with all our stock feel free to drop us a mail and request further photographs so you can check out the detail and specification.

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