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Special Forces Canoe Compass Pattern 9628 - Click for the bigger picture

Special Forces Canoe Compass Pattern 9628

Whilst we have had a great variety of naval compasses over the years this is the first dedicated canoe example we have ever seen! This comes complete with its Royal Navy issue deck box marked to the lid 'Delicate Instrument Handle with Great Care', whilst to the front is stencilled 'Canoe Compass Patt 9628'. Inside the box the compass is attached to a cushioned base board and it would appear to have been intended to have been used within the box, which makes sense seeing the very limited space available within a military canoe for instrumentation! The compass, which is finished in matt black paint, is marked 'Serial nos 6916/BHS/214' as well as 'Compass Patt 9228' and a further plaque simply marked TP.The bezel is marked N, E, S, W as well as degrees from 0-360. The bezel can be freed by a locking lever fitted at the 2 o'clock position and can be rotated to indicate a set course and re locked. The compass card swings freely and whilst for sale as a collectable seems to be in good working order. Seeing we have no previous experience of this pattern we can only assume it was intended to be used by SAS and SBS Special Forces canoe sections. The instrument is undated but we feel it is of post WWII issue but we stand to be corrected! Case measures 9" x 9" (23 cm x 23 cm) whilst the compass has a diameter of 5" (13 cm)

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