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German Lantern by F.F.A. Schulze Berlin. - Click for the bigger picture

German Lantern by F.F.A. Schulze Berlin.

This came in with the WWII period bunker lantern which we have also listed today. This one however is made from a brass and our research indicated this is earlier and pre dates WWII and we estimate it to have been made during the 1930's but the basic concept and design is a very similar to the other model. This one is maker marked to the back plate F.F.A. Schulze, Berlin. D.R.P. 395351; this company is still in operation today. DRP stands for 'Deutsches Reich Patent' meaning the lamp was made for either the Military or the Government. Interestingly an identical example has recently been recovered from a WWII wreck off Libya. It seems this pattern of lamp was issued to a wide variety of users including Reichsbahn, Wehrmacht, and Reichsmarine. It also appears the design dates back to 1927 and was clearly still in use in WWII.

The lamp has clearly seen service use but despite this and its age is still in excellent display condition. Like the other model it would have worked off carbide loaded into the screw base. The internal reflector is still in place but is somewhat dirty but we have left the inside just as it came to us. We believe the opening front window locating pin is not original and a cork fills the hole in the tank on the reverse which originally would have had a metal screw cap. The rear of the lamp carries a locating strut embossed with an early stylised eagle device and below 'WaA 124' and '48'. Clearly now for sale as a collectable and would make an excellent addition to an appropriate lamp or militaria collection. It measures 9" (23 cm) with the handle in the folded position. As with all our stock if you have possible interest send us an email and we can supply a range of detailed photographs.

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